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Fun and joy inWonderland
  • 30 Apr 2010
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Para sa mga inang talagang maipagyayabang sa buong mundo.
  • 17 May 2010
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THIS IS BY FAR THE FUNNIEST CLIP "PRANK" you will ever witness on youtube, i can 100% guaranty it! i challenge any one to prove me otherwise. THIS IS so funny that i still today after viewing for so long cant stop laughing!!! remarks: BE CAREFULL WHEN GETTING "TO" DRUNK ROUND A FRIENDS ON A SUMMERs NIGHT!' BASICALLY SOME FRIENDS WANT TO CATAPOLT THERE "DRUNKEN" FRIEND INTO THE POOL WHILE HE'S ASLEEP IN A CHAIR, WATCH AND SEE THE RESULT!!!!!!!!
  • 18 Jan 2010
  • 38 422
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