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    Kid's First Trip to the Dentist 04:02

    Kid's First Trip to the Dentist

    by DadLabs (3/10/08) 501 views

    DadLabs Ep. 281 the Lab - For a kid, going to the dentist doesn't have to be the scariest thing this side of asparagus. The DadLabs guys give you a guided tour through the tricked out offices of a pediatric dentist. Along the way the address burning questions like: When does your kid need to start going to the dentist and what can you expect from these initial visits? DadLabs helps prevent tooth decay!

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    Baby Shower Gifts For the Dad? 03:03

    Baby Shower Gifts For the Dad?

    by DadLabs (3/4/08) 604 views

    DadLabs Ep. 278 The Lounge - We put the question to our panel of experienced and expert parents of 'What's the best gift to get a dude for a baby shower?' while at the Tiniest Bar in Texas. Why not give a baby shower gift to the dad? And what best to give? Golf stuff, tools and beer seem to be common themes. Watch the insightful and sometimes humorous responses to this surprisingly controversial question. This video is brought to you by New Belgium Brewing. For those of you in Austin Texas on Thursday March 6th -- stop by the Tiniest Bar in Texas from 4-7pm to watch (or participate in) our next taping of "The Lounge." Take your turn in the hot seat as we ask tough questions about parenting issues of today.

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    Keg Party for a New Dad 04:17

    Keg Party for a New Dad

    by DadLabs (3/3/08) 466 views

    DadLabs Ep. 277 the Lab - DadLabs is taking up the mantle of stamping out fatherhood injustices. In this Lab, the dads propose that father's should have a baby shower as well. Expecting mom's get a baby show, dad's should do one better since a new baby setup for a dad can get kind of expensive with all the latest gear. So why shouldn't a due dad work his social network and throw a baby kegger? This video is brought to you by New Belgium Brewing. Here are our suggestions for the due dad: * Golf tournament - everyone kick in $50 over the green fee * Benefit Poker Tournament - everybody buys in for $40, winner gets a gift certificate and the bank goes to expecting dad * Baby Kegger - a straight out keg party where everybody kicks in $20. Now what should we name this new dad event? Dude shower? Baby kegger? Due dad party? Tell us your suggestions for a name and for the kind of event.

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    DadLabs Ep. 276 Gear Daddy - Sling Your Books 02:08

    DadLabs Ep. 276 Gear Daddy - Sling Your Books

    by DadLabs (2/28/08) 119 views

    Daddy Troy takes a close look at the Sling Bookcase for kids. Does this kid-level, face-out display unit encourage the family to gather around for a spot of literacy? This gear garners the DadLabs Seal of Approval. Video is brought to you by BabyBjorn.

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    Owen Shows Us His Monkey 04:15

    Owen Shows Us His Monkey

    by DadLabs (3/2/08) 409 views

    DadLabs Ep. 275 Daditude - Since this week at DadLabs is all about reading to kids, we decided to bring you another episode of Owen's Reading Nook. This time, our gingery literary master gives his own interpretation to a genuine classic - Curious George by H. A. Rey. As you have never seen it before. George is a lucky monkey - he gets thrown in a sack, goes to prison, meets a pedophile and ends up living in a zoo. The book always is better than the movie, isn't it? This video is brought to you by BabyBjorn.

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    Hormones Found In Chinese Toys 02:19

    Hormones Found In Chinese Toys

    by DadLabs (2/6/08) 714 views

    DadLabs Ep. 262 The Lounge - Which of the recent media-hyped health scares have freaked parents out the most? We put the question, "What news stories have you freaked out about your children's health?" to our panel of experienced moms and dads. Hormones in Milk? Polycarbonate Plastic? Lead Paint? Chinese hormones? These are just some of the drink specials offered at the Tiniest Bar in Texas, where we film our episodes of the "Lounge." This video brought to you Babblesoft.

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    Obese Kids Need Plastic Diet 05:23

    Obese Kids Need Plastic Diet

    by DadLabs (2/4/08) 249 views

    A recent government report on the potential effects of a commonly used plastic additive (bisphenol A or BPA) has us completely freaked out. We're trying not to put on our tinfoil hats and go nuts. Let's just calmly and methodically remove every single piece of #7 plastic from our homes. Because this BPA stuff is scary. Acts like estrogen in the body? Yikes. Causes obesity in mice. Ouch. Pay attention, parents, because this is the closest we ever get to actual parenting advice. Here are the DadLabs tips for helping your family avoid BPA: * Avoid food and beverage marked with the recyclable #7 and shop for BPA free products. * Avoid using plastic cutlery and plates. * Do not use plastic plates and cups in the microwave. * Throw away any worn plastic plates and cups. * Hand wash your plastic plates and cups instead of putting them in the dishwasher. * Look for stainless steel, porcelain and glass baby food and drink containers.

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    Track And Graph The Poop 02:43

    Track And Graph The Poop

    by DadLabs (1/31/08) 96 views

    DadLabs Ep. 260 Gear Daddy - Daddy Troy is joined by Aruni Gunasegaram, President of as they review Babblesoft's web-based software which facilitates communication between caregivers. Track your baby's sleeping, feeding, diaper changes and medicines and trade information between parents, caregivers, nannies, babysitters, etc. Nice graphs. It even lets you pick mustard, brown and green as the colors of your babies poop when recording the diaper changes. Can you keep track of 7 kids? Babblesoft can. This video brought to you by

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    Reading With Carl The Rottweiler 04:56

    Reading With Carl The Rottweiler

    by DadLabs (1/29/08) 1,689 views

    259. Daditude - Who says humans make the best babysitters? What about a rottweiler. Daddy Owen brings best-selling author and child care expert "Good Dog" Carl into the studio to get to the bottom of the two leg or four leg babysitting controversy as Owen reads Good Dog Carl by Alexandra Day. Carl, a very large rottweiler, is patient with Owen's snarky reading of his famous memoir, but his proposal to get physical is just too much. Carl goes Cujo on Owen. Please enjoy our ode to "When Animals Attack VIII." This video brought to you by

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    What Makes A Great Babysitter? 02:14

    What Makes A Great Babysitter?

    by DadLabs (1/29/08) 189 views

    DadLabs Ep. 258 The Lounge - For this episode of the Lounge we asked what makes a babysitter great to our panel of expert parents, and to members of our non-studio (bar) audience as well. Is it dependability? Creativity? Experience? Cheap rate? What do you think the qualities of an outstanding babysitter are? Watch as a collective portrait of the ideal babysitter emerges from a smallish tavern in Austin. This episode brought to you by Please come join us for the next taping of the DadLabs Lounge. We'll be at the Tiniest Bar in Texas on Thursday, February 7th from 4-7PM. One lucky Labber will win a Mutsy stroller worth over $750! Just drop by for the drawing, and maybe take a turn in the hot seat.

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