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Here is the 7 year old cute Tobi the Maltese with 5 new tricks.
  • 15 Dec 2010
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i used wrapping paper so it was a bit though to work with, for best results, use origami paper. its also best to use two colored paper, so the eye socket will be a different color, black back is also great. On the nose folding, you can fold a little lower to give the fox a smaller snout. ive been making this fox head since i was 9 years of age so i really don't know who the original creator is/was.
  • 26 Nov 2010
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this is a Multiplex Merlin rc plane converted into a fast hotliner.
  • 14 Oct 2010
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visit *******www.okapixel**** to download the photoshop PSD file in layers to see the breakdown of the project. thanks for watching, subscribe
  • 13 Jul 2010
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another quick doodle with demi moore's face, having fun with photoshop brushes and the smudge tool.
  • 2 Jul 2010
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This will only be seen once every 20 years, so enjoy
  • 2 Jul 2010
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using the new photoshop cs5, i removed the pretty Alison Haislip from the boring photo into a move lively photo, also used the new feature of CS5, the content aware fill tool to remove her necklace. also dade some minor facial changes with the liquefy tool. Visit *******www.okapixel**** for free photoshop goodies.
  • 1 Jul 2010
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Alessandra Ambrosio is by far one of the sexiest girls models women in the world, visit *******www.sheisbeautiful****
  • 15 Jun 2010
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here is the beautiful Alice Eve, one of the worlds most beautiful women. visit *******www.sheisbeautiful**** to see pictures of the worlds most beautiful girls.
  • 15 Jun 2010
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Another video of my terrible driving of the super car Bugatti Veyron. With a claimed 1001 horsepower, the Veyron is a major technical achievement. Its engine has 16 cylinders, essentially formed by joining two V8 engines at the crank. This W16 powerplant displaces 8.0 liters and features ten radiators for everything from the engine cooling systems to the air conditioner. The $1.3 million Veyron will reach a top speed of 253 mph - a speed it can maintain for 12 minutes before all the fuel is gone. Power is transmitted to the pavement via four-wheel-drive and a seven-speed dual-clutch automated manual transmission. The car can hit 60 mph in just 2.5 seconds, 100 mph in 5.5 seconds, and 150 mph in 9.8 seconds. Getting to 200 mph takes 18.3 seconds, and 250 mph takes 42.3 seconds.
  • 1 Jan 2010
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*******www.Okapixel**** brings another quick face touch up with Photoshop, creating the beautiful Megan Fox into a devil Ghost
  • 13 Dec 2009
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here is Liv Tyler complete photoshop makeover into a vampire babe, this was done with photoshop cs3 and it took me about 10 minutes. visit for complete step by step tutorials with adobe photoshop.
  • 11 Jun 2009
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the buge E-flite super airliner EDF 777 electric plane pilot ED
  • 8 Sep 2009
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Here is a simple logo tutorial with Adobe Photoshop, i apologize i could not explain with vocals as the file size becomes to big for youtube. Please visit www.okapixel**** for more free adobe photoshop tutorials.
  • 5 Mar 2009
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visit for more pictures and flying techniques Here is my ParkZone Typhoon 3D which i re-designed with Ultracote, i have had this plane for about a year and a half now, and its safe to say, i have almost perfected its characteristics, specially its 3D maneuvers
  • 2 Mar 2009
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Here is a quick video showing how easy it is to apply makeup using Photoshop CS4, thi sis the beautiful actress mandy Moor
  • 20 Dec 2008
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here is a free and fun mickey mouse puzzle, how many mickey mouse characters can you find in the picture?
  • 2 Sep 2010
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