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    by mathiashagblad (10/16/08) 548 views

    Meet Eve. Smoking hot and incredibly intelligent and wanting nothing to do with this Adam Guy everyone keeps trying to fix her up with. She has standards!

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    New Apple Notebooks Still Too Expensive 03:05

    New Apple Notebooks Still Too Expensive

    by mathiashagblad (10/15/08) 361 views

    Apple's New Laptops Not in Touch With Reality- Senior Technology Correspondent Gary Krakow says Apple's new laptops may look cool, but the price cuts aren't deep enough. With even the cheapest unit priced at $999, this line can't compete with mini laptop powerhouses like Dell and Asus.

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    Jukebox 02:46


    by mathiashagblad (10/13/08) 258 views

    2 min. 50 sec, 2006. Made in Flash. This film is based on the song "Jukebox" and original drawings by Jim Avignon (aka Neoangin) from his album "Scratchbook". Animated and directed by Alex Budovsky Quicktime of this film can be purchased here: for the best music video at the international animation festival Bimini (Riga), Winner of the Best Music Clip at the 2007 DeReel Independent Film Festival (Australia). Official selection at Woodstock film festival, St-Louis film festival, Anchorage International Film Festival, Three Rivers film festival, Philadelphia film festival, Tiburon International film festival, Red Shift film festival, Russian festival of animation in Suzdal, Sicaf (Korea), Festival of Animation "Reanimacja"