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    Starving Kittens

    Starving Kittens

    by mattchapman (6/20/10) 188 views

    These baby kittens were abandoned and starving. This was their first meal after being rescued. Connect with Chappy: Twitter: Facebook:

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    Mustang Shivers 03:17

    Mustang Shivers

    by mattchapman (6/11/10) 19 views

    Chappy apologizes to Uncle Ronski by making him the star of his own video. "Mustang Shivers" Created by Chappy Performed by Uncle Ronski Audio Recording and Mix by Matthew Lee Massie Guest appearance: Amie and Ricki from Growing Up Guide Pup. Connect with Chappy: Twitter: Facebook:

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    Creepy Spider Attack 01:01

    Creepy Spider Attack

    by mattchapman (6/1/10) 535 views

    I got this freaky spider to attack a quarter. Are you scared of spiders? Can anyone out there confirm that this is a orb weaver spider? Please leave a comment if you can. Connect with me: Twitter: Facebook:

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    Pontiac GTO Optical Illusion

    Pontiac GTO Optical Illusion

    by mattchapman (5/6/10) 8,538 views

    A play with scale and perspective. Connect with me: Twitter: Facebook:

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    Amazing Video Lighting Tip 02:30

    Amazing Video Lighting Tip

    by mattchapman (4/30/10) 32 views

    I used plastic cups from the dollar store to light one of my videos. Here is how! Connect with me: Twitter: Facebook:

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    Coolest Car Prank Tutorial 01:34

    Coolest Car Prank Tutorial

    by mattchapman (4/26/10) 85 views

    This prank creates back pressure on the engine which makes it lose power temporarily. Then an explosion gives the illusion of even worse problems. NOTE: Do not perform this prank. It could lead to bodily injury. Twitter: Facebook:

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