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    Andrex Shea Butter Spoof Ad

    Andrex Shea Butter Spoof Ad

    by mcmentalninja (6/22/09) 1,010 views

    If you kill yourself at the gym to get that tight, firm butt to perky perfection then you owe it to yourself and maybe your special somebody to show it off. Liz McClarnon teams up with Andrex to launch sexy limited edition knickers designed to celebrate the launch of the most luxurious toilet tissue ever, Andrex® Shea Butter.

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    التقليد بالمايكروفون:

    التقليد بالمايكروفون:

    by mcmentalninja (6/11/09) 4,216 views

    هل تحلم بأن تكون نجمآ مشهورآ؟ هل تعتقد أنك تمتلك الشكل المناسب، و المضمون؟ كل ما تحتاجه هو كلمات الأغنيه و القدره على استخدام كاميرة جهاز محمول. لذلك، تخلى عن حذرك و باشر في الغناء و كأنه لا أحد يسمعك!ولكنهم يسمعونك.

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    ألعاب المكتب: 01:11

    ألعاب المكتب:

    by mcmentalninja (6/10/09) 1,098 views

    جميعنا نشعر بالملل في المكتب،ماذا عن خلق جو من المرح بمراهنة زملائك أنهم لا يستطيعون الأجابه على الهاتف باستعمال عناوين أغاني فقط. يبدو الأمر سهلا؟ ماذا إذا كان أول المتصلين رئيسك في العمل؟ ليس الأمر سهلا كما يبدو؟

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    You Sir Are A Loser

    You Sir Are A Loser

    by mcmentalninja (6/10/09) 62 views

    While crying myself to sleep at night wearing my Care Bear pyjamas and clutching my games console like a comfort blanket, I often wonder why I'm so unpopular. Maybe I need someone to give me a facial...a facial analysis that is.

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    Theft Goes With A Bang

    Theft Goes With A Bang

    by mcmentalninja (6/9/09) 63 views

    Having your laptop nicked can be a pain in the ass. All that personal data you’ve got on there, your music, videos, your whole life! If only you had a gizmo like this then you could annihilate the thief at the push of a button. Boom.

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    Face The Music 01:25

    Face The Music

    by mcmentalninja (6/5/09) 146 views

    There's no better way to say something than with music. If music is the food of love, then playlists are its bread and butter. This guy's gone one step further and turned his playlist into a video message. There's always one.

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    On a Hill

    On a Hill

    by mcmentalninja (5/27/09) 150 views

    What are this lot on about ? Hippos, cars and blenders ? Three fruit plan something seriously wrong.

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    Make A Difference 03:36

    Make A Difference

    by mcmentalninja (5/13/09) 6,598 views

    Volunteering is an extremely rewarding thing to do. More than ever, employers are looking for those who stand out from the crowd and the experiences that can be acquired through volunteering will only ever enhance your CV.

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    Velvet Assassin 01:49

    Velvet Assassin

    by mcmentalninja (5/15/09) 6,583 views

    Behind the open battles fought in WWII secret agents were immersed deep behind enemy lines, laying waste to the Third Reich. One of those spies was Violette Szabo, this game is inspired by her covert operations deep undercover.

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