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    The Secret Law of Attraction 02:42

    The Secret Law of Attraction

    by mdevault (9/13/12) 54 views

    The Secret Law of Attraction Your best source of information is: "Law of Attraction and the Bible" - by Maury Gray (Links to this ebook can be found at the bottom of this description.) * EVERYTHING YOU WANT in life can be YOURS and the BIBLE shows you how! * MONEY, HEALTH, HAPPINESS, and more will all be OBEDIENT TO YOU - while staying in line with the WORD of GOD. * YOU CAN HAVE dominion over EVERYTHING! After you have READ THIS BOOK, you will know how to manifest all the wealth, health and happiness in your life that YOU could ever WANT. This book teaches you how to use the Law of Attraction but while staying within the guidelines of the Bible. You will learn how to get what YOU WANT out of life the way God teaches and not just the latest motivational speaker. You can have control over all of the circumstances in your life once you know how. It is all actually very simple but first YOU MUST learn the secret (according to the Bible). There are also some WARNINGS in the Bible about using the Law of Attraction that YOU NEED to be aware of. Inspired by people like: * Wayne Dyer * Bob Proctor * Joe Vitale * Rhonda Byrne * and more... But the teachings in THIS BOOK will never stray away from the Christian faith! - Your mind is in a prison. - It is time to WAKE UP! - You can control your reality! "Read this book and change your life forever!" ONLY $2.99 at the moment! - FULL REFUND - EASILY available if unhappy for ANY reason! AMAZON: [] BARNES & NOBLE: [] This life altering book explains how the secret law of attraction and christianity can work together.