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    Vectra 3D Breast Augmentation Simulation Long Island 08:19

    Vectra 3D Breast Augmentation Simulation Long Island

    by mednettechnologies (7/2/10) 849 views - Dr. Epstein is the 1st in Suffolk County, Long Island to offer 3D Computer Imaging Breast Augmentation! Vectra 3D produces a 3D photograph of the patient. Dr. Epstein is then able to simulate the expected results of breast augmentation. The images can be viewed from all angles, as well as side-by-side and translucent overlays, allowing patients to "try-on" many different implants options before deciding which is right for them.

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    3D Breast Enhancement Simulation Long Island 04:04

    3D Breast Enhancement Simulation Long Island

    by mednettechnologies (6/30/10) 171 views - Dr. Mark Epstein a plastic surgeon on Long Island, discusses the various 3D simulation technologies that are available today for patients considering breast enhancement surgery. These 3D simulations give patients a better idea of how their breasts will look after surgery, increasing patient satisfaction.

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    Rapid Recovery Breast Augmentation Long Island 03:07

    Rapid Recovery Breast Augmentation Long Island

    by mednettechnologies (6/30/10) 47 views - Dr. Mark Epstein, a Long Island Plastic Surgeon, uses the Rapid Recovery technique for Breast Augmentation to reduce post-operative pain and allow patients to resume their regular activities often within 24 hours. This is achieved by using gentle, precise surgical techniques and by clear communication between doctor and patients during the pre-surgery consultation.

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    Hip Resurfacing Manhattan Hip Resurfacing New York City 02:59

    Hip Resurfacing Manhattan Hip Resurfacing New York City

    by mednettechnologies (6/9/10) 124 views Dr. Patrick Meere, an orthopedic surgeon in Manhattan, discusses hip resurfacing, a new alternative to total hip replacement. Hip resurfacing places a metal cap onto the head of the leg bone and a metal socket onto the pelvic bone. While hip resurfacing allows for greater post-surgery mobility than a total hip replacement, only about 4% of hip arthritis sufferers qualify for this procedure; also, this procedure is only recommended for younger, athletic people. Hip resurfacing and total hip replacement are both major procedures, with risks typically associated with any surgical procedure.

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    Cosmetic Dentist Hartford 05:57

    Cosmetic Dentist Hartford

    by mednettechnologies (2/1/10) 14 views This episode of Better Connecticut features Dr. Anatoliy Ravin, a cosmetic dentist at Hospital Dental Group, located in Hartford. A smile, says Dr. Ravin, is the first thing you notice on another person, so it’s important that your teeth look their best. John, a patient of Dr. Ravin's, overcompensated for a lack of fluoride following life overseas and drinking bottled water with high amounts of fluoride. Too much fluoride, John soon learned, can discolor your teeth, causing him to hate his smile. To restore John's smile, Dr. Ravin performed light gum work and applied crowns.

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    Dental Care Hartford 04:06

    Dental Care Hartford

    by mednettechnologies (2/1/10) 26 views Dr. Anatoliy Ravin, a dentist at Hospital Dental Group in Hartford, is featured on Better Connecticut regarding his charity work. In addition to providing free dental cleanings for 1 year and a free laser bleaching to two lucky winners, Dr. Ravin also provides free dental care in less fortunate countries. Every year, Dr. Ravin spends one week in Haiti, where the employment rate is 1%, providing free dental care.

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    Manhattan Plastic Surgeon Dr. Sherrell Aston on CNBC 05:03

    Manhattan Plastic Surgeon Dr. Sherrell Aston on CNBC

    by mednettechnologies (1/28/10) 120 views Manhattan's well known surgeon Dr. Sherrell Aston, widely considered to be one of the most skilled facial plastic surgeon's, discusses the current trend of men seeking plastic surgery. Dr. Aston points out that plastic surgery, more importantly facelift give men the confidence and vigor that they wish to achieve even at an old age. Basically a surgery such as facial reconstruction or facelift not only alters the appearance but also provides an emotional strength and beauty for men. For more detailed information about facelifts, please visit

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