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    Are You REALLY Sure...? 06:24

    Are You REALLY Sure...?

    by melford-concetta (7/31/10) 4 views

    ...I mean really sure about what is coming??? Look around you, wake up and smell the economy. If you're not making money from more than one may not be making money tomorrow. Whether online or off, get it moving! Simple, straight forward advice from someone doing it!

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    Holy Free Stuff Batman!!! 05:08

    Holy Free Stuff Batman!!!

    by melford-concetta (7/30/10) 15 views

    ...ok, hopefully not free because you're going to love it and not feel the need to ask Shaklee for your money back. But if you do feel the need, you have the option of a 100% iron clad, no questions asked, money back guarantee on your supplement order from Shaklee. But heck, you're gonna feel better and make money from home running your very own home business, so I think you'll be pretty darned happy!