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Golf Life Television and Hitgolf com present an in depth review of Clevelands HiBore XLS Fairway Wood Larger than the original the XLS has a lower center of gravity and is a combination of a low profile fairway wood and a deep faced fairway wood giving golfers the benefits of both Find out more at www clevelandgolf com and find more great video at www hitgolf com golf dvds Cleveland jack nicklaus golf life golf tv golf video golflife television golf tip better contact
  • 1 Aug 2008
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Golf Life Television and Hitgolf com present the an equipment review featuring Taylormade Burner Fairway Woods These fairway woods are targeted at golfers who are looking for something they can pick up and easily hit Improving on previous fairway wood designs the Burner Fairway Wood features a clubhead that is stretched from front to back Find out more atwww taylormadegolf com and find more great video online at www hitgolf com taylormade fairway wood burner fairway wood taylormade burner golf swing
  • 28 Mar 2009
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Golf Life Television and Hitgolf com interviews golf club master designer and Senior Vice President of Nickent Golf John Hoeflich He speaks about club design the process and his line of great golf equipment from Nickent Golf Find more golf instructions and feature videos online at www golflifetv com or www hitgolf com
  • 30 Jul 2008
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Golf Life Television tours one of the most scenic and beautiful courses in New Mexico as we travel to the Paako Ridge Golf Club outside Albuquerque New Mexico Golf lessons golf instructions
  • 31 Jul 2008
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Two time U S Open Champion PGA Tour legend and golf television commentator Andy North presents a puttingh drill designed to help you get the proper feeling of accellerating the putter throughout the putt to make more short putts Golf instruction golf lesson
  • 30 Jul 2008
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PGA and Champions Tour professional Fred Funk teaches you how uses a concept of a clock in his backswing to approach short chip shots This video was provided by expertisight com from thier great DVD Short Game Golf For more great golf lessons golf instructions and video from Golf Life Television visit www golflifetv com
  • 25 Feb 2009
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Two time US Open Champion PGA TOUR legend and golf television superstar Andy North presents some putting games that you can play with your friends to not only have fun but improve your putting skills Golf lesson golf instruction
  • 30 Jul 2008
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