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    Surfing 01:28


    by mexicotrekker (10/27/09) 19 views

    Surfing @ The best surf spots are hidden, and the only way to find them is through word of mouth from other surfers. So make friends quickly and you will be rewarded with tasty waves. Pacifico is your friend.

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    Mission 10,000 Rockets 01:58

    Mission 10,000 Rockets

    by mexicotrekker (10/27/09) 191 views Every great invention starts with a simple drawing. To celebrate the launch of the Delta II Rocket with Bing we asked 10,000 kids to draw the rocket of tomorrow.

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    Skate Park 01:40

    Skate Park

    by mexicotrekker (10/26/09) 3 views

    When the waves are less than stellar, we’ve got a good back-up plan. Hit the concrete surf on four wheels and the only thing you’ll miss is the sand in your boardshorts.

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    Verdolagas 01:25


    by mexicotrekker (10/26/09) 17 views

    They don’t look like much. In fact, they look like pesky little weeds. But verdolagas (or pursulane) are tasty little bites bursting with omega-3s and all kinds of stuff that does a surfer good.

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    Ceviche De Ira

    Ceviche De Ira

    by mexicotrekker (10/26/09) 9 views

    For the times when you can’t pluck a fish out of the sea ceviche is the next best thing. Barely cook your catch by tossing it in some lime juice, some vegetables, and try to remember the last time you tasted anything with more fresh-from-the-sea flavor.

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    Baja Bee Swarm

    Baja Bee Swarm

    by mexicotrekker (10/26/09) 22 views

    A warmer climate does not necessarily ensure a friendlier bee. In fact, Mexican bee stings are a little spicier than the ones you’re used to, so steer clear.

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    Island Nopal

    Island Nopal

    by mexicotrekker (10/23/09) 8 views

    There’s a reason cacti have insanely sharp spines – they don’t want you figuring out how delicious they are. Nopales are succulent treats that can be used in a wide variety of dishes. That is, if you’ve got a high tolerance for pain.

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