Midnight Update

Midnight Update


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    Update#63 Up Close with Weta's Halo Warthog 05:47

    Update#63 Up Close with Weta's Halo Warthog

    by midnightupdate (8/7/09) 2,457 views

    Too much fun today hanging around with the Halo Warthog, which was on Sydney's Cockatoo Island as part of promotions for Halo 3: ODST. This is the one Weta built for the abandoned Halo movie project. Tonight I take a tour, go for a spin, and see all the tricks they've built into this lovingly created recreation of the classic Halo transport vehicle.

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    Update#62 The Bold and The Microhoo! 05:03

    Update#62 The Bold and The Microhoo!

    by midnightupdate (8/7/09) 30 views

    Halo Warthog hits Sydney this week; Coolest Mum Ever builds 98-inch HD screen into kid's bedroom roof; Microsoft and Yahoo! become BFFs, but in Australia they're already in bed with bitter rivals -- this could get ugly; MiFi 3G router looks great -- can we have it down under please?; plus some thoughts on Symantec's Norton Internet Security 2010 and the HTC Hero.

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    Update#61 Of Course I'd Take the Autobot Options Pack 06:06

    Update#61 Of Course I'd Take the Autobot Options Pack

    by midnightupdate (8/7/09) 32 views

    Lots of geeky goodness tonight. AT-AT bunk beds; Camaro's with Bumblebee options packs; Android Donut gets multitouch; Cute mice are getting cloned from skin cells; James May is building real houses from Lego; and I'm testing iPhone data speeds on 3 and Vodafone around the Sydney CBD and North Sydney. Add a few new product mentions too and this is quite the jam packed episode.

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    Update#60: Sam Raimi, Bruce Campbell, and Leeroy Jenkins! 03:48

    Update#60: Sam Raimi, Bruce Campbell, and Leeroy Jenkins!

    by midnightupdate (7/23/09) 118 views

    Under 18s in New Zealand have been locked out of downloadable content on Xbox Live by Microsoft. It's to protect them from mature content. But Xbox can already protect kids from mature content - if parents choose to block it. What is really going on with this?; Sam Raimi is set to direct a Warcraft movie. What role will Bruce Campbell play?; Good Game breaks news that Valve could consider crowdsourced funding for game development as something in the future of the Steam platform; Harmonix set to launch the Rock Band Network for independent artists to create and sell their music as Rock Band tracks; Bioshock 2 delayed until first half 2010; Australia will get a shot at the Modern Warfare nightvision goggles in the Prestige Edition. That'll be $200 thanks.

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    Update#59 Davros Has Landed 03:49

    Update#59 Davros Has Landed

    by midnightupdate (7/23/09) 115 views

    Telstra wants to keep hold of Foxtel stake - but do we want them to?; Guess what? Electroshock therapy doesn't help Internet addicts... Surprise!; Apple gets upset over Microsoft's latest ads; Senator Conroy wins Internet Villain of the Year; and Japan's brain-powered wheelchair shows a path to our doom.

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    Update#58: Tatsunoko Vs Capcom Interview 09:09

    Update#58: Tatsunoko Vs Capcom Interview

    by midnightupdate (7/20/09) 128 views

    Two more interviews from E3, this time focused on two games for the Wii that look like a hell of a lot of fun -- even for the serious gamer (at least, when they've got some friends around). First up Tatsunoko vs Capcom, and then Marvel Super Heroes Squad.

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    Update#56: HTC Magic and the Peregrine Interface 06:47

    Update#56: HTC Magic and the Peregrine Interface

    by midnightupdate (7/15/09) 107 views

    Is it just me or does that title sound like a Harry Potter novel? I've got a quick review of the HTC Magic, plus some more coverage from E3. This time an interview with the inventor of a clever new glove interface called the Peregrine, and some clips of me making a fool of myself in the Nintendo booth. Oh, and this ep was shot a while ago but never quite went live. So here it is tonight!

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    Update#55: Sony's Latest Gear 08:25

    Update#55: Sony's Latest Gear

    by midnightupdate (7/15/09) 59 views

    Tonight features coverage from a recent Sony press event, showing off the latest gear hitting store shelves. Products include the new 22-inch LCD TVs; the doof-tastic Super Muteki sound system; the new laptop range; and the latest compact HD camcorders.

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