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    TheBoomersGuides.com 04:20


    by mike0105 (8/21/12) 8 views

    Michael Burns of Network Pros, Inc. discusses the launching of their new website, http://www.theboomersguides.com. The website is dedicated to providing Baby Boomers with information about jobs, investments, health and nutrition. The first guide is The Boomers Guide to Recovering Your Lost Retirement: The Bill Fisher Story. It is about a 72 yr. old senior who started investing and built a net worth of 1 million dollars in 18 years. The guide tells all of Bill's secrets and how you too can reclaim your lost retirement.

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    A+ Conferencing Reseller Program 01:49

    A+ Conferencing Reseller Program

    by mike0105 (6/28/11) 5 views

    Mike Burns discusses the private labeled reseller program at A+ Conferencing. This program allows telecom providers, consultants and ILEC's/CLEC's to resell audio, web and desktop video conferencing services in their own name and make 50% margins or more. www.aplusconferencing.com www.start-video.com

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    Video Conerencing 02:36

    Video Conerencing

    by mike0105 (6/24/11) 2 views

    Mike Burns describes the video conferencing solution, start-video.com, from A+ Conferencing. It features HD quality video, VOIP audio and all of the web conferencing tolls rolled into one recordable service in the cloud. Get a free trial at www.start-video.com

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    SAT Strategies 06:40

    SAT Strategies

    by mike0105 (2/24/09) 213 views

    Bob Mandell discusses the sat strategies from American Tutors Online. www.americantutorsonline.com 866-968-8867

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    Academic Assistance 02:31

    Academic Assistance

    by mike0105 (2/24/09) 137 views

    Matthew describes the academic assistance available at American Tutors Online. www.americantutorsonline.com 866-968-8867

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    Video Email Service 01:18

    Video Email Service

    by mike0105 (12/31/08) 243 views

    Mike Burns describes the new video email service, Proclaim The World, from A+ Conferencing. 888-239-3969. www.proclaimtheworld.com

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