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The winner of The Biz Web Coach Free Membership contest is...
  • 18 Feb 2009
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Mike Buechele, 1115Media**** This is the Twitter contest I spoke about last week. Jim Kukral of has given me a one year FREE membership to The Biz Web Coach to give to one of you. This is a $324 value and a fantastic prize for an entrepreneur or small business owner who wants to improve the company’s online business. Jim has been doing business online for over a decade, is an expert in online marketing, and can teach you how to engage your customers online. Here are the rules, it’s really easy. Follow Jim and me on Twitter and Retweet using this hash tag - #TBWC. Here’s an example of what the Tweet should look like: Follow 1115Media and jimkukral and then RT to win a free membership to thebizwebcoach****. #TBWC At the end of this week, I’ll randomly pick a winner. That’s it. Pretty easy huh? Let me know if you have any questions about the contest. Good luck!
  • 9 Feb 2009
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Michael Buechele, of 1115Media**** has some news. Jim Kukral from The Biz Web Coach gave me a free membership to give away here. I’m thinking about holding a Twitter contest next week (heck everyone is doing one so why not). More on that soon. Also, if you like sports stay tuned and watch for my Affiliate Marketing podcast starting on Geek Cast with my co-host Trisha Lyn Fawver.
  • 6 Feb 2009
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Mike Buechele of 1115MEDIA**** gives his Super Bowl 43 pick. If the Stealers let the Cardinals stick around late in the fourth quarter, I can see Kurt Warner finding one of his great receivers in the end zone for a win. Cardinals over Stealers in a tight game, 24-17.
  • 1 Feb 2009
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Mike Buechele, of 1115Media****, talks about Seth Godin's book Tribes. Just finished reading Tribes: We Need You to Lead Us It gave me some great ideas to help with my business and social media networking. With the economy getting worse before it gets better, more people are losing their jobs and looking into solo entrepreneurship and trying to make money online. Seth Godin gives some good pointers on leadership and ways to build a community. Check it out
  • 27 Jan 2009
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Mike Buechele, of 1115media****, wants to know how your resolutions going?
  • 23 Jan 2009
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Mike Buechele of 1115Media****. Here’s a video I shot of the expo hall at Affiliate Summit West 2009 in Vegas. If you’ve never been there, it should give you a great idea of what it’s like. Did you go this year?
  • 18 Jan 2009
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Mike Buechele at 1115media****, Quick points today. Happy New Year to you and yours. I’m getting ready for Affiliate Summit West in Vegas, which is sold out. I’m leaving this Saturday. I’m in the mentor program and I have two mentees to get back to. I have a networking newsletter coming out at the end of January. And I’m worried about my Giants facing the Eagles this Sunday. They always play us tough. The game will be brutal, but I’m seeing Giants victory 24-17
  • 6 Jan 2009
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Got to 1115media**** to enter contest. There are only 3 days left to share your secret to making money online. You could win your choice of an iPod Nano, HD Flip camcorder and get entered to win the grand prize of an Amazon Kindle and other great Market Leverage swag. Just leave a comment on my blog at 1115MEDIA**** and tell us your secret (a great tip perhaps) to making money with affiliate marketing. Contest ends New Year's Eve, so do it now! Read the December 1st post for full details and rules.
  • 30 Dec 2008
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The Affiliate Summit Mentor Program is being headed up by affiliate Jen Goode. I was a mentee last year and loved it. My mentor, Sam Harrelson introduced me to some great people and I still continue those relationships today. This year, I’m a mentor and looking forward to showing a newbie around the convention and helping them network and get the most out of the conference. The dead line to sign up for the program is December 28th. Do it, meet people. There’s a meet up for all involved at the conference too. *******blog.affiliatesummit****/affiliate-summit-mentor-program/
  • 24 Dec 2008
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Mike Buechele at 1115Media - I read a post over Cost Per News that Jason Calacanis is still referring to Affiliate Marketing as spam. Jason was the key note speaker at Affiliate Summit West last year, where he first mentioned Affiliate Marketing as spam, but did go on to say that the industry is filled with very smart people. For a few weeks after the conference it looked like Calacanis was starting to get it and would try out Affiliate Marketing on Mahalo. However, it looks like he’s sticking with Google for now. Now there are spammers out there that do use affiliate links in scrapped websites that add no value and waste our time. Those that are succeeding in Affiliate Marketing are building larger sites that add value to the user experience, and are also using a lot of back end tech to deliver products and services with affiliate links. Much like Mahalo could have been doing all this time. I really like Mahalo, not everything they have but most of it. The ironic part of Jason Calacanis’ misunderstanding of Affiliate Marketing, is that if Mahalo integrated affiliate links with all that great content, both user generated and static, they would be hiring and not laying people off during the holiday season.
  • 19 Dec 2008
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I posted about winning a copy of Daniel M. Clark's The Big Book of Spam. last week. It arrived in the mail yesterday, and it's really funny. Don’t forget I’m running the Market Leverage Share your Secret contest all month long. Any text or video comment on this blog, 1115media****, for the month of December, where you tell us your secret to making money online will be entered to win. Check out my Dec 1st post for the rules.
  • 18 Dec 2008
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Mike Buechele, at 1115media****, and his NFL Friday Football Pick, Giants over Cowboys. Giants are coming off a bad outing against the Eagles and still need to show that Plaxico isn't needed to win. Cowboys are discovering what the 49ers and Eagles already know - TO is trouble. Giants win, Cowboys don't make the playoffs.
  • 13 Dec 2008
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Mike Buechele, of 1115media****, speaks about Silicon Alley networking opportunities. Are you in?
  • 11 Dec 2008
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Michael Buechele of 1115Media, NFL Friday Football Pick, Steelers over Cowboys.Huge game for both teams. Steelers are keeping pace to lock up the number 2 spot. Ben Roethlisberger has been so-so to bad lately, but it looks like a healthy Willie Parker and Bryant McFadden will be in the line up. They have the best defense in the league with one of the hardest hitting defensemen in Troy Polamalu. Dallas just had some victories over some really bad teams, 49ers and Seahawks, so this is going to be one heck of a wake up call. The Cowboys pretty much need to win the rest of their games, and Atlanta to lose one, to make the playoffs. TO does not go to the dance this year. I’m running the Market Leverage Share your Secret contest all month long. Any text or video comment on this blog, 1115media****, for the month of December, where you tell us your secret to making money online will be entered to win. Check out my Dec 1st post for the rules.
  • 6 Dec 2008
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Mike Buechele of 1115MEDIA.COM, talks about a spammer, and how you can use social media for your newsletters without spamming. Friending people on Facebook, or any social media network, does not give you permission to send spam to their email account. If you want to use your network like a distribution list, create a Facebook group where people can sign up and opt in to receive your newsletters through Facebook. I'm running the Market Leverage Share your Secret contest all month long. Any text or video comment on this blog, 1115media****, for the month of December, where you tell us your secret to making money online will be entered to win. Check out my last post for the rules.
  • 4 Dec 2008
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Thanks to Shawn Collins at Affiliate Summit for the great jacket and polo shirt. Affiliate Summit West is coming up in Jan 11-13 in Vegas. I’m working with Affiliate Summit as a blogger for the event. Last time, my first in Boston, I spent most of the time networking and meeting so many merchants and networks that I have not been able to keep up with the demand. This time around, I’m spending much more time in the sessions and presentations, which I’ll blog about. More to come.
  • 25 Nov 2008
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