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    Home 04:26


    by mochipoki11 (12/17/08) 621 views

    Home by Chris Daughtry Visit for Chris Daughtry free mp3 download.

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    RB2 DLC: I.V., Expert Bass Chart 05:12

    RB2 DLC: I.V., Expert Bass Chart

    by mochipoki11 (11/16/08) 481 views

    "I.V." by X Japan, released as part of the 20 free DLC songs for purchasers of RB2 on 11/6/2008, and played by S1ckH4nds in Rock Band 2 on Expert Bass in Local Band Tour mode on 11/4/2008. PLEASE NOTE: This is not a high score run, and was simply done in order to show the note chart for consumers interested in purchasing this piece of downloadable content to expand their Rock Band experience. If you feel the need to comment on any perceived substandard performance, please don't bother; I already know I suck. :P This run was done as a sightread without any prior knowledge of the chart. Tracks released on 11/4 (11/6 for PS3) -- Presidents Of The United States Of America Pack 01 (440 MSP / $5.49, or 160 MSP / $1.99 per track) - The Presidents Of The United States Of America "Dune Buggy" - The Presidents Of The United States Of America "Feather Pluckn" - The Presidents Of The United States Of America "Ladybug" Standalone DLC singles (80 MSP / $.99 per track for a limited time) - Fall Out Boy "I Don't Care" - Hinder "Use Me" Free downloadable content for registered buyers of Rock Band 2 - The 88 "Sons and Daughters" - Authority Zero "No Regrets" - Between the Buried and Me "Prequel To The Sequel" - The Cab "Bounce" - The Chevelles "Get It On" - The Cocktail Slippers "Give It To Me" - Dealership "Database Corrupted" - Endeverafter "I Wanna Be Your Man" - The Ghost Hounds "Ashes To Fire" - Hollywood Undead "Young" - Kutless "The Feeling" - The Len Price 3 "If I Ain't Got You" - Lesley Roy "I'm Gone, I'm Going" - Opiate for the Masses "Burn You Down" - Semi-Precious Weapons "Magnetic Baby" - Shaimus "Like a Fool" - Thenewno2 "Crazy Tuesday" - Tickle Me Pink "The Time Is Wrong" - Underoath "Desperate Times, Desperate Measures" - X Japan "I.V."

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    Military Robots 02:01

    Military Robots

    by mochipoki11 (11/17/08) 2,033 views Technological developments have enabled the evolution of warfare from cavemen bludgeoning each other with blunt objects to career soldiers detonating explosives from miles away. What's next on the battlefields of the future? Military robots are rolling, flying, and swimming into conflict zones, aiding and protecting their human counterparts. GOOD takes a closer look at these robo-warriors in our new series, "Military Robots." Watch all the episodes at

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