Nice GTO convertible we restored a few years ago for sale now. sorry guys it sold a few months ago . I'll get some pictures of Tims GTO i finsished up aboout 6 months . Do'nt get me wrong , we all buit it but it turned out to be my build . It is beautiful .Noting spared .Stroked up with a kisler 5 spd ,silver in color with a red interior . Already have it set up to show some great burnouts with the old goat ! I've built a lot of GTOs and so many mid year corvettes i have lost count . Enjoy some pictures of a nice GTO ! Mopargrovis.blogspot.com
  • 20 Dec 2008
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Frame off restoration of 1966 427 corvette . Now this is the first video i ever made . It is the initial start up of the 1966 427 corvette coupe . It was a long 9 hr day and we had to wait tell Tims mother left for the day as we knew we were going to smoke up the shop . Now this comes in under the name hemigofast2 . This is the other name i use on youtube and eBay .There is a good shot of the Chevelle 396 frame right before we dropped the body .Have a nice supercharger for sale right now on eBay . .Just a little plug there . I'll get some great burnouts on later . Mopargrovis
  • 18 Dec 2008
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Builden American muscle cars at the shop and having a little fun .
  • 16 Apr 2009
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A slide show of the building of the 66 corvette . May give you a few ideas on your project . Will post more pictures of the car done as it was finished about a month ago and it is a local car . Building theses cars is truly a team effort ,a lot of work but very rewarding for sure . OH yea , and even more fun dialing them in to their peak performance ! Nothing brings a smile to your face faster than a spin in one of these muscle cars ....... Grover
  • 15 Dec 2008
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