I WAS VERY HAPPY WITH THE JOB THEY DID!!! I was very happy with the job they did and how well everything was explained to us. I have referred family and friends to Scott and his crew because they did such a nice job. - Anna L., Brookfield WI WENT THE LENGTHS!!! I can honestly say that I rarely come across any person and/or company willing to go to the lengths, and long hours that Mr. Sandless puts in to complete a job. The final product definitely shows your hard work and commitment to customer satisfaction. When we are ready to refinish the remaining floors in this house, or any other home we own, we will be sure to call you. I wish you much success in your business! YOUR STAFF WAS A#1!!! THANK YOU Mr. Sandless for the terrific job on my floors in March. I am so pleased with the result! Your staff was A#1 and I will highly recommend you to my family and friends !
  • 10 Nov 2011
  • 47
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