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    Ftd RAW D is for Douche December 8/09 04:09

    Ftd RAW D is for Douche December 8/09

    by mrseefunstuff (12/9/09) 418 views

    D is for Douche Are you a douche? If you are a douche Do you know, can you know?Or is it like bad breath you just don't know till someone vomits in your face.....Its a stigma that affects many. like if you for get to do up your fly....before a presentation...people should tell you but they dont....Does that make them a douche too? please rate and sub, let make this thing happen. 5 stars for doucheberries! Music created by:Myrtorp check him out and sub him. video response to the questions are awesome! 5 stars earns you 10 points.....double your money baby! Please let me know what you want to see, My channels are:

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    New Camera, New Youtube Page,New Learning Curve:) 03:55

    New Camera, New Youtube Page,New Learning Curve:)

    by mrseefunstuff (11/11/09) 25 views

    afulltimedad Here, Just testing the new camera looking at Kelowna from up above it. Beautiful deer.nice homes,amazing view, Hey guys Im still working on my resolution,and frame rates trying to find the best quality balance from camera to the web, sometimes things get lost in translation. new youtube page will be more focused, Check out the new page,subscribe friend us and give us feed back, any ideas anything or place you want reviewed let us know we want to be the youtube go to place in the okanagan for real user reviews! we will put videos up much more frequently now. we will be spotlighting okanagan attractions, businesses and places of interest. if you want to be spotlighted let me know! this youtube, will be more fun and crazy stuff,

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    Cooey39 Boys 01:11

    Cooey39 Boys

    by mrseefunstuff (11/8/09) 39 views

    rabbit gun,nothing really to break,but in a shell and shoot,every family that goes to the woods should have one, great to learn on safely,Teach your kids about Gun SAFTEY, so they are not curious and hurt themselves.22s are great fun, but are still guns!

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    Cooey M 39 .22 Rimfire Cooey Boys Review Hunting

    Cooey M 39 .22 Rimfire Cooey Boys Review Hunting

    by mrseefunstuff (11/8/09) 180 views

    I got this from a friend for my 7 y/o daughter,I use it every time i go to the woods, It takes everything I point at,super safe lil 22 you have to load it manually, then pull back the plunger to cock it,old and reliable cheap to shoot,perfect lil gun

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