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    Crop Circles On GE 03:11

    Crop Circles On GE

    by How2make.It (11/2/07) 55,848 views

    My favorites Crop Circles on Google Earth. Are they extraterrestrial signs? maybe..or maybe not. Without doubt they are interesting and artistic land formations. As you can see there are all the coordinates for your benefit. Enjoy this video, and please share it if you like it.

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    USB Cooling Fan 03:56

    USB Cooling Fan

    by How2make.It (10/29/07) 89,182 views

    An easy step to step Tutorial explaining how you can build an "USB Cooling Fan" for your notebook/desktop/whatever from an old or broken cd-rom drive. Enjoy this video and please SHARE IT and RATE IT GOOD if you like it.

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    Cool Inflatable Cube 02:23

    Cool Inflatable Cube

    by How2make.It (10/26/07) 215,386 views

    How to make an INFLATABLE paper cube! An amazing and funny origami.. all that you need is a square piece of paper and "someone able to blow" :D Enjoy this video, and please rate it good and share it if you like it.

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    Italian Gnocchi 04:35

    Italian Gnocchi

    by How2make.It (10/25/07) 29,310 views

    How to make and cook the famous italian recipe "gnocchi di patate" (potato dumplings). It's very tasty but extremely easy, as shown in the video (just follow the instructions!). Enjoy the video and the recipe :) Contact me if you have questions about this dish, and please rate good the video if you like it.

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    Easy Tasty Milk Pudding 04:58

    Easy Tasty Milk Pudding

    by How2make.It (10/15/07) 44,428 views

    This tasty recipe it's called "Flan Di Latte" in Italy, and "Flan de Leche" in Spain. It's a super easy (and super tasty) pudding of milk and eggs. That "Flan" is widespread in Spain, Sardinia (Italy), Argentina and Philippines. You can add marmelades and fresh fruits (strawberries, blackbarries, etc) to enrich the dish. Enjoy this video and enjoy this recipe. Contact me if you have questions about the dessert, and please rate good the video if you like it.

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