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    Bird Prayer 01:38

    Bird Prayer

    by natsense (12/28/10) 29 views

    "Bird Prayer" - our cockatiel Tilly "praying" before the photo of St. Seraphim of Sarov and the Kursk Root Icon of the Theotokos. Learn from the bird how to be persistent in prayer! :-)

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    Vulture 01:07


    by natsense (9/13/10) 9 views

    A wild vulture spotted on the chimney of a bed-and-breakfast inn in McKinney, TX

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    Russian Orthodox Church in McKinney, TX 02:16

    Russian Orthodox Church in McKinney, TX

    by natsense (6/14/10) 73 views - St. Nicholas Russian Orthodox Church in McKinney TX had its first service today, June 13, 2010. Come and pray with us! You can find our weekly services schedule and directions on our website

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    Pascha in Russia 01:39

    Pascha in Russia

    by natsense (4/4/10) 224 views

    From - a glimpse of a festive Pascha (Easter) service in Moscow, Russia. Paschal Procession, Liturgy, singing, church bells.

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    St. Patrick's Day

    St. Patrick's Day

    by natsense (3/16/10) 10 views

    Everyone goes Irish on March 17! :-) So be sure to wear a little bit of green, make a wish on a 4-leaf clover, enjoy your well-deserved Guinness, and send Irish greetings and wishes of good ole’ Irish Luck to your friends!

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    Hi From Snowy Russia 01:54

    Hi From Snowy Russia

    by natsense (2/23/10) 8 views

    A glimpse of a Russian winter as seen from the 6th floor of my Moscow apartment (to answer the question from one of my friends, "Is it really that snowy in Russia?")

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    Cat Play Cube 02:15

    Cat Play Cube

    by natsense (2/23/10) 39 views

    My Russian cat Simona and her new toy - a play cube I brought her from Texas. I'd say, the gift was just right! :-)

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    Nun Zünden Wir Die Lichter an 01:55

    Nun Zünden Wir Die Lichter an

    by natsense (1/11/10) 62 views

    "Nun zünden wir die Lichter an" - a children's Christmas song in German with translation subtitles. Music and lyrics by Joachim Christian Rau, performed by Nat (

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    The 'Shalom, Shalom' Song 03:36

    The 'Shalom, Shalom' Song

    by natsense (1/11/10) 664 views

    Children's Yolka (Matinee) at St. Nicholas Russian Orthodox church in Dallas/McKinney, TX. Matushka Marina and Nat are singing a Christmas song in German, "Nun zünden wir die Lichter an".

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