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    Sailing School and Sailing Courses with NauticEd 02:27

    Sailing School and Sailing Courses with NauticEd

    by nauticed (7/3/12) 2 views

    NauticEd -- the world's most advanced sailing education and sailing certifications. Http:// If you've ever • wanted to learn to sail • wanted to contribute more as a crew member • wanted to captain a charter yacht on a sailing vacation to the Caribbean, Mediterranean or south pacific • wanted to do a coastal or offshore voyage • or just want others to be impressed with your boating skills then NauticEd is your source for gaining sailing knowledge and qualifying for a globally recognized sailing certification. We have beginner to advanced sailing courses online and on tablet devices from learning the basics like how the wind creates forces on a sail and how to back a boat into a tight slip to more advanced topics like how to out run a storm, how to navigate using a chart to what to do 1000 miles off shore if your mast snaps in half. All the Sailing Courses are in multimedia format so that you can learn with out having to slog through a boring ol paper book. Then once you've got the theory down you just enter all your past history sailing experience in our free online sailors logbook. You can update your logbook online or from your mobile device. Then our proprietary algorithm matches your theory courses with your sailing experience and produces a sailing certification accepted by yacht charter companies world wide. Imagine qualifying to captain your own charter boat on a tropical sailing vacation. And, if you want - we can suggest the most suitable sailing destination for you and set you up with the best yacht charter company in that area. If you're just getting started now and wanting to get professional sailing instruction then check out our network of affiliated sailing schools worldwide. Our instructors build on your theory knowledge you gained through our courses and then drill in the practical information on modern world class training boats. So try us out right now -- for FREE. Start with our interactive basic sail trim course or our free rules of the nautical road course. Even if you're an advanced sailor, we bet you'll learn something and be convinced that interactive multimedia learning with NauticEd is the best and most fun way to be safe and knowledgeable on the water.

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    Preventing Twists in the Mainsheet

    Preventing Twists in the Mainsheet

    by nauticed (7/3/12) 10 views

    In this learn to sail series from NauticEd Online Sailing School, we show a simple video on how to prevent a twist traveling up the mainsheet to the boom block on a sailboat.

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    Boats Almost Collide. The Sailboat on Starboard is the Stand-On

    Boats Almost Collide. The Sailboat on Starboard is the Stand-On

    by nauticed (7/3/12) 23 views

    A high tech animation of two sailboats approaching each other on a collision course. One sailboat is on starboard, the other on port. The sailboat on starboard by convention is the stand-on boat. Meaning it holds course and speed while the sailboat on port must give way to the sailboat on starboard. A sailboat on starboard means that the wind is coming from the direction across its starboard side first. A sailboat on port means the wind is coming from the direction across from its port side. In the animation you can see the boat that changes direction is on port because the wind is pushing its sails to the starboard side of the boat. Ie sails are always on the downwind side of the sailboat. This animation is used in the NauticEd sailing school Rules of the Nautical Road FREE Sailing Course at

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    Learn to Sail - the Maneuvers of a Sailboat. Tacking, Gybing

    Learn to Sail - the Maneuvers of a Sailboat. Tacking, Gybing

    by nauticed (7/3/12) 42 views

    Created by NauticEd Sailing school, , this animated sailing video shows the maneuvers of a sailboat as it is tacking and gybing around a course. If you're learning to sail then watch this and learn the sailing nomenclature. This series of sailing videos are embedded through NauticEd's multimedia sailing courses. NauticEd is the world's most advanced online sailing education and sailing certification company. See NauticEd's sailing courses at

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    NauticEd Sailing Certification Explanation 03:51

    NauticEd Sailing Certification Explanation

    by nauticed (7/3/12) 17 views

    The NauticEd Sailing Certification ( ) is based on theory and practical elements of sailing training. If you are seeking to learn to sail then this video will get you on the right tracks for your sailing certification. It follows a similar type of curriculum used by the United States Coast Guard captain's license and most other countries certify bodies. Take the online sailing lessons and log your practical sailing experience in the FREE NauticEd sailing logbook. Grow your sailing certification with NauticEd. Most yacht charter sailing companies accept the NauticEd Sailing certification. If you're taking a sailing vacation then get a NauticEd sailing certification first. For more information visit

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    Near Disaster With Two Boats Meeting

    Near Disaster With Two Boats Meeting

    by nauticed (7/3/12) 5 views

    NauticEd ( ) has developed a series of videos explaining the rules of the nautical road. These two sailboats are operating under power. They are therefore classified as power driven vessels. In this case, the sailboat who sees the other sailboat on their right is the give way vessel. Sailing schools should use these videos to demonstrate the rules. If you're learning to sail you should take the rules of the nautical road FREE sailing course at

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    Sail Trim Game

    Sail Trim Game

    by nauticed (7/3/12) 18 views

    Play the sail trim game. Learn to sail by maximizing the efficiency of you sails with Advanced NED the sail trim game. This is a FREE sailing game bought to you by - NauticEd sailing school. Visit to play Advanced NED or other NauticEd sailing Games. Once you've mastered this FREE game - take the NauticEd Sail Trim online clinic at

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    Rolex Regatta Sailing in St Thomas 03:11

    Rolex Regatta Sailing in St Thomas

    by nauticed (7/3/12) 15 views

    NauticEd Sailing School, together with Safe Passage Sailing, chartered Kialoa V an 80 ft maxi yacht and Northern Child a 51 ft Swan and raced the Rolex Regatta in St. Thomas. This sailing video shows excellent regatta racing footage using a GoPro wide angle lens mounted on a gimbal. Other very cool sailboat racing shots from the regatta are included. An excellent sound track sits in the background. Learn to Sail and get ultimate sailing adventures with Safe Passage Sailing and NauticEd sailing school using both online sailing courses and in real sailing regattas such as the Rolex Regatta.

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    Points of Sail of a Sailboat with Respect to the Wind

    Points of Sail of a Sailboat with Respect to the Wind

    by nauticed (7/3/12) 14 views

    NauticEd Sailing School at has multimedia sailing lessons and sailing courses. This animated sailing video depicts a sailboat maneuvering around a course while the different "points of sail" are shown. When a student wants to learn to sail they must understand the points of sail.

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