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*******www.NikeWomen**** – Despite growing up in a family of sports enthusiasts, Nicola had no designs on becoming a professional athlete. Yet as she found herself wanting to push her physical limits, she fell in love with the triathlon. To Nicola, the harder the race, the bigger the rush. This mentality has served her well as she has succeeded in becoming Junior European Champion, Junior World Champion, 3rd in the Elite European Championship, and is now ranked 6th in the world. If the physical exhaustion of being a professional triathlete ever starts to feel too easy, she has a second career as a law student to fall back on. More at *******www.nikewomen****
  • 23 Dec 2008
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*******www.NikeWomen**** - Originally a hurdler, Nicola overcame heartbreak and injury, injury, and has risen to become a formidable sprinter and a Beijing hopeful. Among her many accolades, she won silver in the 2007 World Championships and became European Indoor Champion, both in the 400 metres. Last August she was also named British Woman Athlete of the Year. She says her strength has always come from maintaining her sense of humour and listening to her body. More at *******www.nikewomen****
  • 21 Jan 2009
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*******www.NikeWomen**** -- Delphine attributes her success as a judoka to everything from cross training, to perseverance, to dreaming. Despite the combative and demanding nature of her sport, she remains true to her femininity and even her oh-so-girlish indulgence of shopping. More at *******www.nikewomen****
  • 11 Sep 2008
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*******www.NikeWomen**** - Only after a schoolyard race did Simona start to see the value of her too-long legs. It sparked a new interest in the track where her parents trained and she soon discovered a passion for jumping. She went on to compete as a triple jumper in the Olympic Games in 2004, the World Championships in 2005, the National Championships in 2006, and she's now training to qualify for Beijing. More at *******www.nikewomen****
  • 10 Sep 2008
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*******www.nikewomen**** – "They" love her one day and hate her the next. Glorify her, then vilify her. Yet despite the naysayers, critics and cynics, Maria thrives. 18 WTA and three Grand Slam titles later, she continues to be rewarded for listening to no one but herself. More at *******www.nikewomen****
  • 6 Mar 2009
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