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    [NEW] Queens Guard Attacks Tourist In London-23rd January 2009

    [NEW] Queens Guard Attacks Tourist In London-23rd January 2009

    by Nizar113 (1/25/09) 4,714 views

    A QUEENS guardsman (SCOTS) saw red when a giggling student took the mickey out of him outside a royal palace by mimicking his actions - and went on the ATTACK. Columbian student Nick Ibarra, 23, began larking about for pal Suzanne Cadosch, 22, who was videoing the armed guard on duty in his bearskin and red tunic. As the guardsman marched up and down as he stood sentry duty outside St James Palace in front of dozens of tourists, laughing Nick marched alongside him. He had heard that the famed royal guards never leave their post unless a threat to the royals presents itself. But he got the shock of his life when this one lost his cool and quick marched over to him and clipped him round the back of the head and aimed a boot at him. Then according to Nick he pushed him away with his SA-80 semi automatic rifle while letting out a furious roar. Unfortunately Nicks student pal Suzanne was so shocked and scared she stopped videoing the soldiers attack. She said:I just thought Oh My God hes got a gun and hes going for Nick and he grabbed him and tried to boot him and we were so shocked we just ran away fast. You often see people pulling faces at the guards and standing beside them for photos and marching along with them but obviously this soldier didnt find it funny. In hindsight I can understand the soldier losing his cool but it was very frightening indeed she said. Nick, who is studying English in Oxford, Oxon, said: I felt this huge hand on my collar and managed to avoid a boot up the backside but he was growling like a bear. Advertisement I was worried because he had a bayonet on his gun and didnt want that going somewhere painful! He pushed me away with the gun and I just ran for it, he said. The guardsman was on sentry duty at St James Palace which is the senior Palace of the Sovereign and is where the Princess Royal and Princess Alexandra reside. The St James Detatchment of The Queens Guard mounts sentry duty there daily and Clarence House where Prince Charles and his sons live is within St Jamess environs. A Queens guardsman, on being shown the video, said: On one hand you can understand him wanting to put a hobnailed size 12 up the guys backside for taking the p**s. But on the other hand he will be in hot water for losing his cool when he should have ignored it. He should have gone back into his sentry box and just stood guard. But he will no doubt feel very satisfied at putting this oik to flight, he said.

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    The Most Terrifying Video You'll Ever See 09:33

    The Most Terrifying Video You'll Ever See

    by nizou44 (10/25/08) 753 views

    DON'T WATCH THIS VIDEO. I'm serious. This message isn't a hack (I'm the guy in the video), and it's not a ploy to get you to actually watch it (reverse psychology). It's just that there's a hole in this argument big enough to drive a Hummer through because of an assumption I didn't realize I had (isn't that just the way with assumptions. . .), and the argument has been UPDATED to address that hole. So instead of watching this old, tired, hole-y video, go watch the NEW, IMPROVED version at called "How It All Ends," and is backed up by literally HOURS of "Expansion Pack" videos, answering every single criticism, objection, "What If," "How About," and "You Missed a Spot," that I came across in reading the 7000+ comments (most of them critical) on various websites about the argument presented in this "The Most Terrifying Video You'll Ever See." So please, DON'T WATCH THIS VIDEO and then make some comment about Pascal's Wager or how this argument can be applied to any threat, no matter how ridiculous. Those, and literally EVERY OTHER OBJECTION I'VE EVER HEARD are answered in the bruisingly thorough series of videos backing up "How It All Ends." Even though I DON'T WANT YOU TO WATCH THIS VIDEO, I'm not taking it down, because I'm hoping it (and the comments attached) will become a small piece of history, as a precursor to the UNDENIABLE TOUR-DE-FORCE ARGUMENT that is the "How It All Ends" video project. So DON'T WATCH THIS VIDEO (have I made myself clear?) I'm hoping that it dies a nice, quite, peaceful death, fading into respected irrelevance. Instead, go watch the new, up-and-coming "How It All Ends" at you get there--if you follow the index to the other videos--I think you'll find that I present an argument that you CANNOT poke a hole in. I've spent literally hundreds of hours discussing, researching, and refining my arguments to ensure that. And then, once you're convinced, do everything you can to spread the message--forward the video, leave comments, nominate it for awards, agitate for YouTube and others to feature it, mash it up, burn DVDs and hand them out like candy--hell, even record YOURSELF making the arguments, get famous doing so, and make lots of money--I don't care! Just get the ideas out there! So go ahead. Watch "How It All Ends," and its expansion pack videos, and try to poke a hole in the argument. I dare you. I DOUBLE-DOG dare you. (Ooooooo. . . .) And if you can't, then you may find yourself with a strong agitation to do something about the potential threat. In my experience, the only way to calm that agitation is to act on it. I've got a video for that, too. ;-) So go for it.

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    3AW Call of Sydney V Geelong 2005 03:02

    3AW Call of Sydney V Geelong 2005

    by nizou44 (10/22/08) 381 views

    This is the famous semi-final where Nick Davis kicked 4 goals in the last quarter to win the game for the Swans, only with the 3AW (Melbourne) radio commentary of the dying minutes. The action is called by the late Clinton Grybas. The audio should synch pretty well with the video.

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