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    Sony VAIO Z Series Laptop Computer 01:24

    Sony VAIO Z Series Laptop Computer

    by nnhit (8/8/11) 80 views

    Sony has released the VAIO Z Series latest mixed style which has predominant luxury with strength of carbon fiber material is very smooth. Merge with performance and world pages with some just look slender and 16.65 mm only 1.165 kg. compare prices at http://www.gmreview.com

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    Fujitsu LIFEBOOK T730 Commercial 01:05

    Fujitsu LIFEBOOK T730 Commercial

    by nnhit (8/8/11) 130 views

    compare prices at http://www.gmreview.com The powerful Fujitsu LIFEBOOK T731 is a lightweight flexible 30.7 cm (12.1-inch) convertible Tablet PC which supports modern multiple-touch technology and allows input with up to 5 fingers at the same time as well as precise pen input. Thanks to the very bright display with its wide perspective, the integrated ambient light sensor and support for all the main radio technologies you are optimally equipped for every business trip. The notebook's modular bay helps you to stay flexible when working, either when travelling, in the office or at home.

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    Car Made from Bamboo

    Car Made from Bamboo

    by nnhit (8/24/09) 3,408 views

    Bizarre in the Philippines. With a car made from bamboo Has a strange, hard to find many Web sites.

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