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    Hussein Al Jasmi Al Shaky 05:16

    Hussein Al Jasmi Al Shaky

    by noural.m (9/13/07) 11,251 views

    IF YOU LIKE IT: SUBSCRIBE! Hussein Al Jasmi ~ Al Shaky. shakee shaki jasmee jasmi jasm i dedicate this song to a very special person in my life:

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    Jack and Rose - Titanic - Awake 03:58

    Jack and Rose - Titanic - Awake

    by noural.m (11/5/08) 3,782 views

    I really put a lot of effort into this one. The song is beautiful itself, but the lyrics also match the movie pretty well. Hope you guys like it. Also don't own the movie or the song.

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    Bassima - Shou Aa Baly (with English Lyric) 02:09

    Bassima - Shou Aa Baly (with English Lyric)

    by noural.m (11/7/08) 2,008 views

    arabic song English Lyric: Bassima - What's on My Mind What's on my mind The days that were gathering us to nights of passion bring us back and sweeten the nights The night drives us mad and travels in us We soar and write our names on the high moon And what's on my mind I stay up all night looking in your eyes Your eyelids close on my heart and I'm alone And I tell you love and you hear me and cover me You make me a child again with your heart my darling The older I get the more my love for you grows And we live life close to you Every might my love for you is greater filling me My love for you has become the breeze of my life Night and day my love and my ahs You've become my soul Wherever you go you'll remain in my heart and on my mind I miss you so much You give me some small rose You erase the confusion from my heart as I count its pedals And whenever you ask me about my love My eyes answer for me and tell their desires And I long for you to return with desire and find me And in the embrace of the heart you warm me and we reunite We walk and run like children From the ground of the gardens of separation you pick me a bouquet

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