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    Her Royal Highness Princess Somsawalee Graciously 03:10

    Her Royal Highness Princess Somsawalee Graciously

    by openthailand (6/2/09) 3,041 views

    Her Royal Highness Princess Somsawalee graciously presided over the opening ceremony of “1st Magnificent Siam Textile Fair” to prepare a contribution to “AIDS Prevent of Mother-To-Child Transmission Project”. HRH Princess Somsawalee graciously accepted a contribution from Thai-German Families Association led by Phd. Derk Weburg Arayathamsophon and Mr. Wuttiphong Arayathamsophon presented the cash valued 200,000 Baht and was presented honorary pins as a souvenir. At the fair, the public enjoyed fashion show designed from ancient and hill tribe textiles. There were a Textile Exhibition from Ms. Unchalee Sripasang, Ms. Raphiphan Suansomjit and Associate Professor Tanongsak Prankwattana and Ms. Chaniporn Pantalert. The fair was held on 21 March 2009 at Royal Thai Navy Convention Hall, Bangkok.

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    Tuesday Chiang Mai Daily News

    Tuesday Chiang Mai Daily News

    by openthailand (6/2/09) 1,288 views

    Amazing Southern Festival was held on 28 May – 3 June at Big C Arena. In the same area you can find another activity called ‘ LAND.BUILD.HOME Fair ‘ which is supported by the Real-Estate Association of Chiang Mai-Lamphun. At the fair, you can find many kinds of fine decorative goods and spicy yummy food from 5 provinces of Southern Thailand. The goods is separated to many categories as Land & Property, Decorative Items, Ornament, Garment and the Good Food Good Taste from all around country. - Eating fruit make u have a good health and because of the price are very cheap now, the government hardly tried to promote and invite both Thai people and foreigners to enjoy Delicious Thai fruits. The first choice is Mangosteen. Back to the past, many years ago the price was up to 45 Baht per kilo but now you can find everywhere only 20 Baht per kilo. The second is Lychee, one of Chiang Mai famous fruits, with its sweet and sour taste make it always popular. The price is different depends on its type which starts from 20 - 30 Baht per kilo. The last one is Rambutan. >From now, you can fine the Rambutan only 20 Baht per kilo. With its sweet taste and cheap price, it is the number one choice for every family here in Thailand. - Come up with the hot promotion from Tara Bar Pub & Restaurant with unlimited enjoyment with Chang Beer Buffet only 99 Baht net. Free delicious food. Everyday 18.00-21.00 hrs. After 21.00 hrs. Change Draft Beer Jar only 99 Baht and 229.- for a Tower. See all of their promotion in our website in the calendar at the top right corner.

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    Congratulations to Chiang Mai Zo 03:37

    Congratulations to Chiang Mai Zo

    by openthailand (6/2/09) 516 views

    Congratulations to Chiang Mai Zoo and welcome a very cute new panda baby. Chiang Mai and Thai people especially for children are very exciting in giving a name to the new panda. And they hope that the panda baby will bring good luck by attracting a lot of domestic and foreign visitors to travel here. 2009 Chiang Mai Grand Sale has taken place as an annual campaign to stimulate travel and tourism for the low season of Chiang Mai. All visitors prepare pocket and go out to get these special discount from 30% up to 70% from more than 300 businesses such as Hotels, Airline, Restaurant, Spa, Golf Club, Department Store, shipping company and much more. Notice the sign at every shop to get this special discount starting from today to Aug the 2nd. One of the most famous Karaoke in Chiang Mai is 20th Karaoke. This place offers a tons of Karaoke songs with Thai and international songs. With new concept to reduce the hot climate from Global Warming, they painted the building to GREEN. Served you everyday with cool drinks and delicious food in VIP room for every special party.

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    Chiang Mai News 04:13

    Chiang Mai News

    by openthailand (5/27/09) 264 views

    Chiangmai is honour to host the 1st Youth Weightlifting Championships that was taken place from May 19-24 at 700 Year Stadium. Over 600 competitors with their staff had a nice time along the competition. This is the great opportunity to take Chiangmai as the major host to other international events in the near future. Let’s come to Inthakhin Ceremony at Wat Chedi Luang. This ancient ceremony will be taken every year. The flower is the representative of respect and they offer to the Buddha and City pillar. Lanna people believed that they will get the happiness and successful in life. Visitors who are interesting and would like to learn this traditional, come and see from today to May 27th at Wat Chedi Luang, Chiang Mai. Enjoy the FUN FUN FUN and lovely scene from J.J. Indy Music Contest. There are many new generation bands participated in this contest with unlimited enjoyment

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    Thai Buffalo Training Camp at Chiang Mai, Thailand 03:11

    Thai Buffalo Training Camp at Chiang Mai, Thailand

    by openthailand (1/29/09) 4,367 views

    Thai Buffalo Training Camp Mae Rim Chiang Mai First time in the world for the new style travel that combine Thai lifestyle and touch of the foreigners. Demonstrative shows at The Thai Buffalo Training camp, Mae-Rim, Chiangmai. 1. Live music shows on Buffalo back. The camp would like the guests to appreciate the leisure activities of Lanna Thai farmers. After finishing work in the rice field, the farmers normally play folk music and sing songs on their way back home. They play Lanna musical instrument such as Salor, Sor, Seung and Klong on buffalo back. 2. Introducing the History and Breeds of Thai Buffalo. The second show is designed to inform you about the history and breeds of Thai buffalo. It also shows you how the Thai buffalo works in the rice field. 3. Training the Buffalo. The third show reflects the northern Thai local wisdom of training and taming their buffalo to work in the rice field, including 5 techniques of riding buffalo which are very unique. 4. Relationship between Farmers and their Buffalo. The fourth show reveals the intimacy of the farmers and their buffalos as they work and live together all the time. The buffalos are considered to be the farmers’ best friends. 5 Demonstration of Buffalo Working on the Farm. There are many things that buffalo can do in the farm including squeezing sugar cane, transferring water onto the rice field which can only be seen either in the camp or in the remote area of Lampang province. 6. Buffalo Ploughing a Field. Today technology has replaced the buffalo in the rice field. Pictures of buffalo ploughing the soil in the field are very rare. The sixth show demonstrates how buffalo plough the sooil. It is a harmony between the farmer and the buffalo. 7. Demonstration of Growing and Harvesting Rice. The camp has provided farm tools for tourists who are interested in participating in the demonstration. There are workers who will show you the process of rice growing , harvesting and other field work. 8. Camp Tour and Demonstration of Grain removing. This activity shows the method of how the farmer selects rice grain by using the power of the wind. Tourists are encouraged to try every stage of the process. 9. Buffalo Racing. Finally, the camp would like to present an exciting buffalo racing which can be seen only on some special occasions in Thailand. However, you can see it here everyday.

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    Doi Pui Travel at Chiang Mai, Thailand‏ 03:59

    Doi Pui Travel at Chiang Mai, Thailand‏

    by openthailand (1/29/09) 989 views

    Doi Pui - Hmong Tribal Village is located on Doi Suthep, a 1676 meter high mountain that is the focal point of Doi Suthep and Doi Pui National Park. The village is about 4 kilometers away from Wat Phrathat Doi Suthep and despite being a key tourist attraction, and therefore probably not as authentic as it could be, it still offers an insight into how Thailand’s tribes live. The villagers wear traditional Hmong clothes, sell traditional Hmong handicrafts, and live in traditional Hmong-style homes. However, those looking for a less contrived view of the Hmong may have to go deeper into Chiang Mai! Worth a visit if you have the time. A visit to the Tribal Village is often combined with a visit to Wat Phrathat Doi Suthep and some of the waterfalls in the area, as well as a jaunt to the Hilltribes Museum. How to get there: A number of tours are available to the Hmong Tribal Village and related destinations. However, if you want to get there alone, you will need to go to Doi Suthep then carry on to Phu Ping Palace, and then on to Doi Pui. However, Songtaews to Doi Suthep and from Doi Suthep to the village are probably your best bet for convenience. Doi Pui travel at Chiang Mai, Thailand