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    La Malagueña 04:26

    La Malagueña

    by overseez (3/4/08) 4,955 views

    La Malagueña played on the guitar. La Malagueña was written by Ernesto Lecuona, a Cuban composer, for the piano, but soon was adapted for the guitar - the instrument that it is most often played on. I began playing a bit of Spanish guitar about 6 months ago, so this is a bit sloppy - but I tried to capture the energy of the bullfight I saw many years ago in Malaga with my arrangement - which is not at all meant to be even close to the famous arrangements of Lecuona, Tarrega, Segovia, Montoya, Sabicas, etc. Espero que te gustas. ¡Gracias por mirando!