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    NYC Times Square After Thanksgiving 2007

    NYC Times Square After Thanksgiving 2007

    by ovs20120202 (2/7/13) 4 views

    http://liveandinvestoverseasvideos.com/View/V4169 Kathleen Peddicord and Lief Simon from Live and Invest Overseas present Belize: moving to Belize, living in Belize, investing in Belize, and all the warts and all aspects of your Belize retirement. Visit http://www.LiveAndInvestOverseas.com for more info.

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    Italy Travel: Rome Vatican Museum Artwork with Perillo 03:21

    Italy Travel: Rome Vatican Museum Artwork with Perillo

    by ovs20120202 (9/13/12) 4 views

    http://ourvideosite.com/View/V356 Italy travel: Rome. Vatican Museum priceless artwork. Some of the presentations are kind of rough, Passion of the Christ rough, for our G rated Perillo Tours Familia. Some art looks more like stills from an R rated medieval battle movie, as opposed to something you would expect to see in the high holy house of Catholicism. (Must be this untrained eye's assumptions.) Still, one awe-inspiring series of hallways! The Vatican Museum: it just goes on and on. Lastly, President Richard M. Nixon presented Pope Paul VI with some rocks collected from our moon. Moon rocks indeed. The video shows no perspective of the display, unfortunately, but the audible laughter plus the background comment The lint in my pocket is bigger should give you an idea of how small these moon specks really are.

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    Dr. Noren For US Senate 04:20

    Dr. Noren For US Senate

    by ovs20120202 (7/7/12) 5 views

    http://norenvideos.com/View/V3797 I am running as an Independent for US Senate in NY against the 2 year temporarily elected Senator. My web site has great info and links on what makes my campaign better for students, workers, and the 99%. Whether you like her or not, she is heavily backed via Lobby money from Gas, Oil, Pharma, Fracking, and especially Wall Street Banks. I am NO FRACK, have a jobs bill, major student loan reform package and more.

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    Noren For Senate

    Noren For Senate

    by ovs20120202 (7/7/12) 4 views

    http://norenvideos.com/View/V3795 TV ad 30 seconds..running for US Senate in NY www.norenforsenate.com

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    US Senate Race 2012 02:48

    US Senate Race 2012

    by ovs20120202 (7/7/12) 3 views

    http://norenvideos.com/View/V3793 JP Morgan losses $2 billion in more risky hedge fund trades..Bring back Glass-Steagall and also stop the money paper shuffle. www.norenforsenate.com

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    Dental Email Video 02:06

    Dental Email Video

    by ovs20120202 (7/7/12) 4 views

    http://norenvideos.com/View/V3791 Dr. Scott Noren, oral surgeon, wants to represent you and patients in the U.S. Senate. www.norenforsenate.com

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