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    Colgarra 'Blind Mary' by Turlough O'Carolan 02:57

    Colgarra 'Blind Mary' by Turlough O'Carolan

    by pattynan (10/25/12) 17 views

    The duo Colgarra brings together two very different musicians from the Irish music scene. Eugene Teevan, button accordion and flute and Joe Giltrap, vocals, guitar, bodhran and harmonica combine to produce a distinctive sound and repertoire.Distributed by

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    Marvin Ayres 'Lament' 02:15

    Marvin Ayres 'Lament'

    by pattynan (10/17/12) 168 views

    'Lament' from the album 'Harmogram Suite' by Marvin Ayres. The album is dedicated to Marvin's father Reginald Ayres (Boy) 1926-2010 Catalogue number BSHED 0111 Recorded by Alex SiddallDistributed by

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    Brian McFadden 'Invisible' 04:29

    Brian McFadden 'Invisible'

    by pattynan (9/25/12) 34 views

    Brian snapped up 'Invisible' as soon as he heard the first verse and chorus courtesy of the RTE Two show 'The Hit.' "The reason I picked this song is because it's a hit". The writers Ian Colgan and Shane Butler have been trying to break into the music business and after years of rejection they saw this as their one chance to get their music released. When Brian picked their song the boys couldn't hold back the tears.Distributed by

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    Eamon Friel 'The Streets Forget' 04:46

    Eamon Friel 'The Streets Forget'

    by pattynan (7/3/12) 8 views

    "Walking west along the road I heard a fairground carousel. I danced a tango. I sang a lullaby. I demanded a better future. I remembered young love. I spoke to a man who had little to say. I talked to the devil. I looked at the stars. I watched a man find courage. I saw clouds in a wet road. I met a man fallen on hard times. I wrote a song about each of these things. That's what songs are for. Eleven songs for an album entitled "The Streets Forget" by Eamon Friel. Visit to find out more about the albums and singles displayed in the video.

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    Anselmo & I 'Lagrima' (Francisco Tárrega) 02:30

    Anselmo & I 'Lagrima' (Francisco Tárrega)

    by pattynan (7/3/12) 6 views

    "Anselmo and I started our journey in 1971. This piece belongs at the begining. We are still on an incredible adventure". So says one of the UK's finest guitar players. The 'I' in Anselmo & I is guitarist Kevin Healy. Anselmo is the guitar that has been his constant companion for over forty years as a leading session man and musical director in the UK music business.

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    Le Vent Du Nord 'Elise' 05:58

    Le Vent Du Nord 'Elise'

    by pattynan (5/2/12) 15 views

    Renowned as ambassadors of Francophonie, Le Vent du Nord are also largely acknowledged as one of the key groups in Quebec's traditional folk music revival. Since they formed in August 2002 the band have enjoyed great success which has allowed them to tour their music around the world. The Quebec-based quartet delight audiences with their mix of fiddle, guitar, accordion and hurdy-gurdy. They are renowned for their energetic stage presenations.

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    Mike Donaghy 'Peace Begins With Me' 04:55

    Mike Donaghy 'Peace Begins With Me'

    by pattynan (4/30/12) 5 views

    A song written by Mike for the World Peace Concert 2011 which was held in Dublin, Ireland. Mike Donaghy has been making a name for himself in Ireland and the UK ever since releasing his first EP "January Never Came This Year" back in 2009. His music and writing has a very unique sound, occasionally being linked to folk, Americana and bluegrass. Mike plays guitar, piano, mandolin, lap steel, pedal steel, banjo, ukulele and saxophone. www.mikedonaghymusic

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    Hilary James 'Weathers' (Thomas Hardy) 02:36

    Hilary James 'Weathers' (Thomas Hardy)

    by pattynan (3/1/12) 15 views

    'Weathers' by Thomas Hardy (June 1840 - January 1928) is taken from the album 'English Sketches' by Hilary James available from Acoustics Records CDACS059. In the two stanzas of 'Weathers' the English novelist and poet Thomas Hardy describes the changing seasons and how all flora and fauna, including we humans, are swept along with their flow. The musicians who played on English Sketches' are Nick Cooper (cello) Paul Hutchinson (accordion) Simon Mayor (guitar, violin, mandolin, backing vocals) Simon Price (drums) Ed Quick (backing vocals) Paul Sartin (oboe) Phil Fentimen (double bass) David Pether (pipe organ) Richard Collins (bass guitar) Music by Simon Mayor & Hilary James for Acoustics Records & Music

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    Sarah McQuaid 'The Sun Goes On Rising' 04:16

    Sarah McQuaid 'The Sun Goes On Rising'

    by pattynan (2/11/12) 450 views

    "The Sun Goes On Rising" is taken from the album "The Plum Tree And The Rose." Sarah McQuaid has also released two critically acclaimed albums "I Won't Go Home 'Til Morning" and "When Two Lovers Meet."

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    Jim Reynolds 'Rainbow' 03:43

    Jim Reynolds 'Rainbow'

    by pattynan (2/11/12) 7 views

    Jim Reynolds is a guitarist and singer who writes and plays an eclectic mix of music. The individual pieces tap into blues, ragtime, rhythm and blues, music hall and folk traditions. Some are extremely sensitive songs about life, people and relationships, while others are tongue in cheek. His albums are also sprinkled with classics from the likes of J.J. Cale, Nick Drake, John Martyn, Roy Orbison, The Inkspots, Jelly Roll Morton and Jimmy Rogers. "Rainbow" is taken from the album "If Only" on Runner Records (P109) Publiser Jim Reynolds Music - Promoted by Pat Tynan Media

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