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    Raw Food Restaurant Stated by Landmark Education Graduate 08:55

    Raw Food Restaurant Stated by Landmark Education Graduate

    by peachtreepeace (1/21/09) 274 views

    Through his participation in the Landmark Forum, Chef Mehmet Ak turned around his health. Already a sucessful restaurant owner, he took responsibility for his health and lost 80 pounds by taking up a raw diet. Inspired by his success he chose to become a raw food chef and started Cousins IV restaurant. It is fast becoming one of the most successful raw food restaurants in the United States.

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    Youth Making A Difference 05:11

    Youth Making A Difference

    by peachtreepeace (1/21/09) 227 views

    Youth Making a Difference is a project that gives American Young Adults an opportunity to travel to rural orphanages in India to do service work. Created in the Landmark Education Self Expression and Leadership Program it give these young adults the chance to see the difference they can make in their world.

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    Cherish Our Children 09:28

    Cherish Our Children

    by peachtreepeace (1/21/09) 241 views

    Cherish our Children is an international charity that was started by Landmark Education Gradaute Julie Kamin Hall. Begun in response to the images of Romainian orphans broadcast around the world after the fall of the comunist government, Cherish Our Children is dedicated to helping children in the most desparate circumstances. To learn more about Cherish Our Children visit