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    S&M Workout 01:24

    S&M Workout

    by penyulily (10/17/08) 952 views

    Giving new meaning to the phrase 'no pain no gain', welcome to Mistress Victoria's S&M workout. Pay attention!

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    I Am Iron Nat 01:05

    I Am Iron Nat

    by penyulily (10/11/08) 365 views

    It's not dribble you dorks, it's dust. it falls from above my head. yes, i know it's not actually a heart. It was just more fun to say "heart thingo" than a device that stops your heart being destroyed etc lol bloody disgusting phone took me a week to find and cost me 40 bucks :( didn't know if you guys would get this... it's a scene from the movie. anyway let me know what you think if you've seen the movie.

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    Love Bed: Natalie and Mr. Sims 01:08

    Love Bed: Natalie and Mr. Sims

    by penyulily (10/11/08) 15,422 views

    oh sorry guys i forgot to explain, i drew it hence the dodgyness lol. just had it in my head for a long time. sorry i couldnt get the rasterise to work on the swf so its a bit blah. Did anyone else find it strange that to have sex the sims had to put money in the love bed? It sounded like a coin too... i'm just saying. making a proper blog this weekend! Miss you guys!

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    Easter Bunny Breakdown with Santa and the Tooth Fairy 01:27

    Easter Bunny Breakdown with Santa and the Tooth Fairy

    by penyulily (10/11/08) 924 views

    I DO NOT SMOKE and i do not promote smoking- it was done as a joke and for the role. Again, my last video was made a few weeks ago- the bruise was not a result of any violence and I am fine now. Thank you everybody for your concern. I appreciate it. Wow. Also, i thought people would get the joke about the bunny putting on weight. I tied a really tight belt around under my tummy to do that lol *yes it works. just try sitting down Happy easter!

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    Sleazy in the Rain 03:27

    Sleazy in the Rain

    by penyulily (10/11/08) 1,483 views

    ... you know, like the musical? Singing in the rai- okay i'll shut up. 1. Would you let someone else stand under your umbrella? 2. was i being sleazy? (bonus awesome points for the right answer ;) ) 3. how much would you pay for an umbrella? Ah dear... OH guys i made a video banner /page banner thing after about a year and a half. Slow on the bandwagon but hey, always have been lol.

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    Tag This!!! 02:46

    Tag This!!!

    by penyulily (10/11/08) 1,648 views

    is a sexy roving Russian female reporter who is trying to figure out what's up with all these leisure activities here in America. She's a girl who isn't too fond of America. She thinks they are lazy and greedy. She's on Venice beach interviewing girls and guys to see what is is with that. Please don't leave comments about her boobs. She's already heard every tit related comment in the book. Strange Fruit Project - Cali Crusin Download link - Love feat. Estaire Godinez - Bailando Download link -

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