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    Mustache Mondays 01:03

    Mustache Mondays

    by peta2 (11/2/10) 27 views

    People have forgotten the power of the mustache and have started wearing fur again. It's time to bring back Mustache Mondays, and here's why. Read More:

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    Grow Your Own Fur 01:11

    Grow Your Own Fur

    by peta2 (11/2/10) 163 views

    Watch this silent film to find out how growing a mustache can save animals from being killed for their fur. Read More:

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    "Renee Olstead's Exclusive Peta2 Interview "

    by peta2 (8/11/10) 353 views

    Renee Olstead from The Secret Life of the American Teenager sits down with peta2 to discuss why she's vegan, dissection alternatives, and showing people just how good vegan food can be! Read More:

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    Rocsi Diaz 01:04

    Rocsi Diaz

    by peta2 (7/14/10) 597 views

    peta2 caught up with Rocsi Diaz, cohost of BET's 106 and Park, behind the scenes at her exclusive photo shoot to talk about the loves of her lifeā€”her adopted dogs! Read More:

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    Dave Melillo 01:50

    Dave Melillo

    by peta2 (7/8/10) 8 views

    Sexiest Vegetarian nominee Dave Melillo shows off his hidden talents and urges you to think twice before supporting the circus. Read More:

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