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    Bob's Game (from Inside 03:07

    Bob's Game (from Inside "bob's Game") - for OUYA and PC

    by planetlotb (12/1/13) 7 views It's the greatest game ever made! The legendary 'bob's game' puzzle game (from inside the "bob's game" RPG) is coming to OUYA and PC! The legendary bob's game is the final game from the infamous homebrew Action-RPG "bob's game" (a game about the puzzle game- note the double quotes!). bob's game is a multiplayer puzzle game- but not just any puzzle game, every puzzle game! The rules of bob's game change in real time as you play it, morphing from game to game and making every round completely unique. bob's game is completely customizable, allowing the player to create in-depth rulesets to mimic existing puzzle games or create entirely new ones to add to the online library- making it an ideal game for the OUYA platform. (and PC/Mac/Linux, of course!) Create your own puzzle modes! Invent custom rulesets or challenge your friends to a sequence of all your favorite games. Compete in an online world championship and improve your skills to reach the top of the public leaderboard. bob's game is constantly evolving with new theme packs, new rules, and user-designed puzzle packs.

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    Esham Venus Flytrap Samples - Album of the Year 2012

    Esham Venus Flytrap Samples - Album of the Year 2012

    by planetlotb (11/14/12) 17 views

    Esham Venus Flytrap sampler Shaping up to be hip hop album 2012 and the best hip hop album from Detroit - Track 1. Vertigo 2. Cyanogenis Glycoside 3. Bath Salts 4. Thiosulphate 5. Wolfsbane 6. Monkshood 7. Dolls Eyes 8. Devils Cherry 9. Cyanobacteria 10. Poison Snakeweed 11. Xanthium 12. Intermittent Fasting 13. Delosperma Acuminatum 14. Acacia Polycantha 15. Zanthoxylum Arborescens 16. Echinopsis Peruviana 17. Dionaea Muscipula 18. Salvia Divinorum 19. Pandanicide 20. Sinicuichi 21. Peyote 22. Claviceps 23. Neurolathyrism 24. Tetrodotoxin 25. Silene Capensis 26. Scopolamine 27. Higgs Boson 28. Tetrahydrocannabinol 29. Myristicin 30. Brainwreck 31. C2H5OH

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    The Shocking Secret History of Pit Bulls - Locking Jaw , Agre...

    The Shocking Secret History of Pit Bulls - Locking Jaw , Agre...

    by planetlotb (11/12/12) 48 views The shocking secret history of pit bulls - Pitbulls have been genetically bred to fight , to bite and not let go , have locking jaws - not real locking jaws but once they bite they dont let go . Bred mixing the locking jaw and fighting style of a bull dog and the will to fight of a terrier, only the best bull fighting dogs remained for 100 years . Only the strongest pit bulls remained from their life in fighting pits where fights would go for hours .

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    Walk for Pit Bull Victims a Great Success - Pit Bull Awarenes... 02:13

    Walk for Pit Bull Victims a Great Success - Pit Bull Awarenes...

    by planetlotb (10/29/12) 18 views

    What a great success over 100 people at the event all day , over 50+ when the cameras rolled by . Victims and dog attack advocates from all over Tucson turned out for the first ever, "Walk for victims of pit bulls and other dangerous dogs" at Lincoln Park, Saturday. Melissa Barbalaco, the organizer behind the event, is a victim's advocate. Her title was created following the attack of her service dog by another dog in Lincoln Park. "It kind of prompted me to start looking into how people were feeling and see if there was any other victims that felt the way I did because after that, I was really scared to go outside," Barbalaco said. She says today's walk was about two things; support for attack victims and building public awareness. "These victims deserve the right to tell their story," Barbalaco continued.

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    Breed Specifc Laws - Good For Pit Bulls - Pit Bull Awareness ... 02:33

    Breed Specifc Laws - Good For Pit Bulls - Pit Bull Awareness ...

    by planetlotb (10/25/12) 11 views,37.0.html The truth about What is Bsl - Breed Specific laws and why they are a good thing . Bsl is a set of laws for certain breeds of dog mainly pit bulls which are the most violent breed . These laws usually require owners to take out liability insurance on their dogs , muzzle the dogs in public, keep the animals confined in kennels, mandatory spay/neuter, among other things. All this is done to keep children safe and should be endorsed by pit bull

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    Esham - Test400 (OFFICIAL VIDEO) off Venus Flytrap - Homeless... 03:18

    Esham - Test400 (OFFICIAL VIDEO) off Venus Flytrap - Homeless...

    by planetlotb (10/19/12) 5 views

    This song is about being homeless in Detroit, and I dedicate it to my brother and all the people in shelters across the country.. This will be my last studio album do to unseen negative forces... I hope you all like it and understand my pain thank you for your continued support much love and respect... FREE DEADBOY! Esham..... How it feels being homeless in Detroit and homelessness in Detroit

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    Victims of Pit Bulls 2012 - Pit Bull Holocaust 04:18

    Victims of Pit Bulls 2012 - Pit Bull Holocaust

    by planetlotb (10/18/12) 18 views,37.0.html Pit bulls are violently killing children and the elderly and their advocates and owners dont seem to care at all. The dogs get put down while their owners are allowed and encouraged to own more pit bulls. So far in 2012 10 children have had their lives cut short by this serial killing animal in America . with a kill count of 18 pit bulls are the most violent dog. Pit bulls - ban the breed - Stop the deed

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