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    Pokematic and Some Friends Make a Rube Goldberg Machine.

    Pokematic and Some Friends Make a Rube Goldberg Machine.

    by pokematic (2/22/13) 10 views

    We made this from scratch in the course of 3 and a half hours. My dorm, being an engineering dorm, had the fun idea of "lets make Rube Goldberg machines." At the end, dominoes fall onto Popsicle stick bombs. There were going to be a lot more, but one of the members accidentally tripped them all. We were able to reset about half of them.

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    I Make a Pykrete Sled 04:03

    I Make a Pykrete Sled

    by pokematic (1/13/13) 10 views

    So after saving Wall Street Journals for a while, and watching mythbuster, I decided to try to make a pycrete boat. Turned out to be more of a sled because we didn't have much snow for a mold. That's my mom giving the commentary and holding the camera. She's awesome like that.

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    Pokematic Unboxing #2 01:08

    Pokematic Unboxing #2

    by pokematic (1/3/13) 1 views

    Today I unbox more stuff I got with my amazon gift card. I got tiny tune adventures season 1 volume 1, and ed, edd n eddy seasons 1 and 2. For some reason they're advertizing black ops 2.

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    Pokematic, Rocky Horror is BS 04:16

    Pokematic, Rocky Horror is BS

    by pokematic (9/2/12) 6 views

    Warning, there is some language. I'd give it a rating of TV-14 For my origional review, http://tinyurl.com/rocky-horror-review After talking with someone about Rocky Horror, here's my thoughts on why this is crap.

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    My Nerd Cave, 2009 or So 01:50

    My Nerd Cave, 2009 or So

    by pokematic (8/5/12) 7 views

    Yeah I filmed this years ago and found it on my hard drive. This was pre-meta, lol. My collection has grown considerably since then. Hope you enjoy.

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    ET Bloopers

    ET Bloopers

    by pokematic (7/6/12) 5 views

    origional review http://tinyurl.com/77peq69 Yeah we all make mistakes. There's more unused footage but it isn't all that funny.

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