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    Seyyer Launches: First Video Artificial Intelligence 02:01

    Seyyer Launches: First Video Artificial Intelligence

    by pop17 (8/27/12) 10 views

    Seyyer’s CVR platform applies artificial intelligence and machine learning to make computer-generated modifications to original video footage of a person’s facial expressions, gestures and speech, resulting in a hyper-realistic, customizable and extensible avatar with authentic detail to be extremely convincing to the viewer. CEO and founder, Behrooz Rezvani, Ph.D, has launched Seyyer Inc. and now developers can create video avatar content based on real people, in less time and at significantly lower cost than traditional filming and editing techniques. Rezvani is a repeat entrepreneur who also founded Ikanos Communications in 1999 to a successful IPO in 2005 and co-founded Quantenna Communications in 2006. Seyyer is an angel-backed company. He says, “Until now, filming people for web commercials, online videos and other applications has been a time-intensive and expensive process that does not align with the fast-paced dynamics of advertising, mobile marketing and social commerce,” said Rezvani. “Our solution enables video to be super targeted and interactive while delivering massive amounts of customizable, authentic video content, faster and at a lower cost than any traditional methods available today.”

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    Finally IPhone4 in White 01:56

    Finally IPhone4 in White

    by pop17 (5/3/11) 233 views

    Typically, for any Apple launch there is a line around the store filled with the biggest fans. However, for the launch of the iPhone4 in white there was little hype. If you think that Apple fanatics buy every new product release then maybe this news is telling of our times. Is it that people don’t like the way it looks or are they just excited for the iPhone5? Rumors have it that the iPhone5 is launching later this year as a thinner more durable model. Exciting!

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    How To Search Local Deals With M.Bing.com 01:03

    How To Search Local Deals With M.Bing.com

    by pop17 (4/26/11) 33 views

    Thumbs up if you like ice cream! Have you ever noticed how bargain shoppers always like to comment on their deals? Well, we are the epitome of this type of shopper. I always tell Anna first about my fantastic deals. She's got such a great mind for finance I wouldn't be surprised if she's a CFO of a major tech company someday soon. So many deals, so little time! When Anna and I find ourselves out and about and in need of a good deal, we're mostly just out of luck. Imagine how cool it would be if you could search only deals near your exact location from your mobile phone. Anna and I just discovered we can do just that because Bing mobile deals -- available at m.bing.com on iPhones and Androids -- combines location-based services with search. It pinpoints your exact location to serve you up deals from Groupon, LivingSocial, Tippr and more near where you live, work, where you attend conferences, lunches and dinner spots with your friends. Search Deals! And you can team up with your friends to buy dinners, day spa deals, mani pedi deals, etc... by searching first for deals on m.bing.com on the go! I got to make this fun little video where I'm looking for an ice cream deal and am able to get it! Yum yum goodies! I'm more likely to purchase items when I'm out with my friends like Anna. Anna's got a great eye for deals online and offline, and not to mention fabulous style! She's always telling me about the best buys and how to manage my budget. What's best is we can shop together on the go! We've noticed that we seem to be making WAY more purchases when we're buying on the go! LOL!

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    Hot OR NOT? Facebook Do or Die

    Hot OR NOT? Facebook Do or Die

    by pop17 (3/29/11) 49 views

    Pop17 - Follow Us! http://twitter.com/pop17 Pop17 - Become a Fan! http://facebook.com/pop17 This is your way to stay up to date on everything Facebook! Fan us on Facebook Pop17 and Follow us on twitter @pop17 Are you getting unfriended on Facebook and you can’t explain why? Don’t worry, I felt that pain before until I found the 7 secrets to what’s hot and not on facebook. Pop17 is filling you in on what you need to know about what’s hot and not on facebook part two. Hot - Angry birds coming Facebook coming out in May! Not Hot- We have to wait until May to get it! Ugh. Hot- uploading original video to your pages with your friends so you can tag them in it Not Hot- Facebook is offering streaming movies via Warner Bro’s- this wasn’t even facebook official and their publicist was shooting it out like it’s a big news story- get over yourself we know where to pirate warner bros already! Hot (V/O- Fan pages- they are just like friends- yo! Fan Pop17 up so you can stay up to date all day long. Not hot: Constant Farmville or Mafia King updates...there is a way to turn these constant notifiers off if you play these games. Not Hot- Mark Zuckerberg the comic book, the doll, the movie, the character who played Zuck was up for best actor. What is up with this world? he’s not some guy trying to be famous- he just built the website. Not hot: people changing their status 5 times a day as a cry for attention. hot: leaving a funny video in the morning for all your friends to see. A good way to start the day with a smile :) This be sure to check out our other hot and not on facebook video and follow us on twitter @pop17- I’m Sarah Austin, subscribe!

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    Boxergirl VS Hellz Headphones 01:32

    Boxergirl VS Hellz Headphones

    by pop17 (3/11/11) 33 views

    Follow us on twitter http://twitter.com/pop17 Subscribe and like this video if you want me to punch Carlos. Share this video using the links under the video. I love to share so share it up for me! If your gurl is a Hellz Bellz fan, this Collab Electronics Headphones may be a good choice! Hellz teamed up with Creative Contraband and Collab Electronics to create this super cute headphones, perfect for the chick that loves music. The black and pink headphones comes in an eco‐friendly limited edition Bamboo Box and Bamboo Thread Travel Case created by BiGR Audio. The bamboo box alone is amazing already, with exclusive laser etched designs, each high‐quality box remains as a highly functional piece used for storage that can be displayed long after the headphones have been unwrapped. You can buy this at Karmaloop.com.

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    Lady Gaga Is Used To The Cold 02:36

    Lady Gaga Is Used To The Cold

    by pop17 (3/10/11) 31 views

    Surprise! I’ll be updating you guys live from the Monsterball Tour with Lady Gaga! Kicking off in Washington, DC, Virgin invited me to participate in The Virgin Mobile 25. What’s that? A year long program sponsoring a select group of 25 micro-celeb bloggers with an online following interested in Lady Gaga news and events. Lady Gaga is in part successful because she is a fame strategist. She knows how important it is for her to be a leader with sub leaders. Arguably the most famous celebrity in the world, she’s reaching out to micro-celebrities to be her little monster leaders. She calls her fans little monsters and they adore her. It’s my first time in this beautiful and historic city. Washinton, DC, is a long flight from San Francisco! Update: I didn’t get to fly Virgin America- my favorite airline! Tomorrow I’m going to do a little sight seeing and then going to the concert. For updates, photos, and video be sure to follow me on twitter (and Pop17 too). As you may know, Virgin Mobile is a pre-paid mobile service that recently launched Virgin Mobile Live, a 24-hour live-streaming online music channel featuring rock, hip hop, indie, pop and dance remixes, and live interviews. Virgin Mobile is also a proud sponsor of Lady Gaga’s Monster Ball concert tour and Virgin Mobile FreeFest music festival. Right now Virgin Mobile is searching for “Little Local Monsters” who want backstage passes to share her concert experience with their fans. They’re looking for nine emerging bloggers, micro-celebs, and/or video journalists to go behind-the-scenes at one of her Monster Ball tour stops with the Virgin Mobile crew. Check facebook for more info. In accordance to the FTC Guidelines, I am disclosing that I am part of the Virgin Mobile 25, a sponsored program by Virgin Mobile. All editorial content has been created by me and reflects my personal opinions.

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    Pixar Studios Zoetrope- Toy Story 3- Part 2 01:56

    Pixar Studios Zoetrope- Toy Story 3- Part 2

    by pop17 (3/8/11) 67 views

    Like this video if you love Toy Story! Here is a link to Part 1- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X9xqV2u_lBo Subscribe for Part 3! Be sure to rate, sub, comment, like, and share this video if you want to enter in a chance to come with me to an exclusive tour at Pixar.

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    Pixar Studios Zoetrope- Toy Story 3- Part 2 01:56

    Pixar Studios Zoetrope- Toy Story 3- Part 2

    by pop17 (3/8/11) 44 views

    Like this video if you love Toy Story! Here is a link to Part 1- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X9xqV2u_lBo Subscribe for Part 3! Be sure to rate, sub, comment, like, and share this video if you want to enter in a chance to come with me to an exclusive tour at Pixar.

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