Did this movie just lap itself?

Did this movie just lap itself?


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    Samson in the Wax Museum (1963) 07:36

    Samson in the Wax Museum (1963)

    by posture_pal (12/19/11) 519 views

    El Santo, the masked Mexican wrestler, investigates a series of kidnappings. He discovers that the mysterious Doctor Caroll is using the victims as part of his experiments to develop an army of monsters. Naturally, El Santo is able to overcome them all - with wrestling! Written by Mike Konczewski - http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0057471/plotsummary

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    The Brainiac 28:28

    The Brainiac

    by posture_pal (12/18/11) 190 views

    From Wikipedia - The Brainiac (Spanish title: Barón del terror, El) is a 1962 Mexican horror film directed by Chano Urueta and written by Federico Curiel, Adolfo López Portillo and Antonio Orellana. The film stars Abel Salazar and Germán Robles. In Mexico City in 1661, Baron Vitelius of Estara is condemned by the Inquisition and sentenced to be burned at the stake. As this sentence is carried out, the Baron promises that he will return with the next passage of a comet (visible over the scene of execution), and slay the descendants of his accusers. The film then fast-forwards to 1961, where the promised comet does indeed return, carrying with it Baron Vitelius, who takes advantage of his considerable abilities as a sorcerer to carry out his threat: he is able to change at will into the hairy monster of the title in order to suck out the brains of his victims with a long forked tongue; furthermore, he has strong hypnotic capabilities and is able to render his enemies motionless or force them to act against their wills.

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    0202 The Sidehackers 41:52

    0202 The Sidehackers

    by posture_pal (11/24/11) 8,180 views

    Rommel (Hagen) stars as a cyclist who meets JC (Pataki) at a weekend race. Claire Polan, JC's fiancee, throws herself at Rommel, then cries rape when she is turned down.

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    0109 Project Moonbase 50:40

    0109 Project Moonbase

    by posture_pal (11/23/11) 5,342 views

    Set in the future — 1970, that is — Project Moon Base takes place on a huge space station, where a group of pilots and scientists draw up plans to establish a U.S. military base on the moon. This project is nearly stymied by foreign spy Dr. Wernher (Larry Johns), who is exposed when he cannot answer a few simple questions about the Brooklyn Dodgers (it's that kind of film).