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    Overhead Soccer Kick

    Overhead Soccer Kick

    by prfrd (7/24/07) 4,128 views

    Barnsley's Brian Howard scores the championship goal of the season in the 2v1 defeat to Cardiff. Technically it is an overhead kick as he cannot see the target he is aiming for. Also his foot is higher then is head when he kicks it. A bicycle kick is usually waist height.

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    Nerd Porn 02:54

    Nerd Porn

    by prfrd (7/24/07) 3,938 views

    Video about the type of girls and porn we nerds want. Video is a bit shaky, but I couldn't find it anywhere else.

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    Anchors Laugh As Model Falls Twice 01:10

    Anchors Laugh As Model Falls Twice

    by prfrd (7/22/07) 69,145 views

    This poor model at a show in Paris falls twice in these goofy looking heels and the news anchors can't seem to stop laughing at her. The second time she falls is pretty funny as she's trying to keep her balance.