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      It'll Get Better 03:32

      It'll Get Better

      by Pro_Football_Weekly (2/11/13) 45 views

      The Chiefs were the worst team in football last year. But after a 2-14 season, fans have voted them the last-place team with the most to look forward to this offseason.

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      Flynn-Secure 04:28


      by Pro_Football_Weekly (2/10/13) 29 views

      The Seahawks gave Matt Flynn starting QB money to come to Seattle, then he was beaten out for the starting job by Russell Wilson. Will the Seahawks keep him at a backup or trade him?

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      The Next Flacco? 05:38

      The Next Flacco?

      by Pro_Football_Weekly (2/9/13) 22 views

      After Joe Flacco went from middle-of-the-road to Super Bowl XLVII MVP, we decided to ask our One-on-One debaters who will play that role next year. They hash it out between Jay Cutler and Matt Ryan.

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      Signal Callers 03:58

      Signal Callers

      by Pro_Football_Weekly (2/8/13) 19 views

      2012 was the year of the rookie QB, but QBs on "D" like Luke Kuechly and Bobby Wagner could replace aging vets as much as the offensive QBs. PFW brings you three under-the-radar stories from 2012.

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      Rollercoaster Rider 03:11

      Rollercoaster Rider

      by Pro_Football_Weekly (2/8/13) 24 views

      Alex Smith didn't get off to a good start. But when Jim Harbaugh came to San Fran, Smith became one of the NFL's most efficient QBs. After being replaced by Colin Kaepernick, will he be traded?

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      Breaking All the Rules 02:46

      Breaking All the Rules

      by Pro_Football_Weekly (2/7/13) 29 views

      From the Ravens defying momentum's role in the Super Bowl to Luck's leadership in the Colts' resurgence, Eric Edholm and Kevin Fishbain run the PFW Spin Cycle on the 2012-13 season.

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      Tying Up Loose Ends 03:10

      Tying Up Loose Ends

      by Pro_Football_Weekly (2/7/13) 29 views

      Should Jimmy Smith have been called for holding? Who would have been MVP if the 49ers won? Can the Ravens repeat? Eric Edholm and Kevin Fishbain tie up the loose ends from Super Bowl XLVII.

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      Better Luck Next Year 02:03

      Better Luck Next Year

      by Pro_Football_Weekly (2/6/13) 37 views

      Eight NFL teams finished in last place in 2012, though some teams had worse years than others. But with an offseason of change ahead of them, which last-place team has the most to look forward to?

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      Culliver's Travails 03:50

      Culliver's Travails

      by Pro_Football_Weekly (2/5/13) 29 views

      He didn't just humiliate himself in the week leading up to Super Bowl XLVII. When 49ers CB Chris Culliver set foot on the Superdome turf Sunday, he didn't make things better.

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