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Here are some unusual passengers on a flight, which, if you are lucky enough, might get to witness first-hand! Give them a warm welcome when you see them! :-)
  • 17 Jun 2019
  • 230
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There people definitely have stopped caring about everything in the world & go on with whatever they want to!
  • 14 Jun 2019
  • 14 930
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There are some things which can never be explained. Some of the lamest things on the face of the Earth. Who even comes up with these ideas!?
  • 14 Jun 2019
  • 1 924
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Here are some of the biggest examples of irony. But coincidences? Are they coincidences as well? Think not? Scroll through!
  • 12 Jun 2019
  • 1 067
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A dumb guy will work themselves till death while a smart guy will find an ingenious life hack for the same! If it works, it's fair game!
  • 10 Jun 2019
  • 1 905
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Here is to make your dull and boring day full of laughter and sarcasm! Check out the gallery full of intelligent memes. Life is nothing without sarcasm though!
  • 6 Jun 2019
  • 3 700
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This gallery has several photos of some annoying things done by people and at worse some really inhuman things that will get on your nerves.
  • 3 Jun 2019
  • 10 922
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These pictures are of some really clever but hilarious make shift DIY hacks by people that are probably so insane that it never crossed your mind.
  • 30 May 2019
  • 1 715
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It’s difficult to go unnoticed when you’re a celebrity and travel via public subways. These pictures of celebrities in subways just prove the point.
  • 28 May 2019
  • 1 433
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These images of people failing ridiculously at their work will crack you up but let’s not ignore their effort to do it right. LOL
  • 25 May 2019
  • 2 081
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These are the most insane outfits and fashion trends that you might’ve ever witnessed; this gallery will surely have you rolling on the floor laughing.
  • 22 May 2019
  • 3 574
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Look at the inspiring before and after pictures of the incredible journey of these overweight people from flab to fab. Enough reason to stop procrastinating today.
  • 20 May 2019
  • 8 415
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These architect and construction site workers had one job and they managed to mess it up. LOL! Check out these hilarious pictures of their failure, these will surely crack you up guys.
  • 16 May 2019
  • 7 385
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This gallery is full of insanely weird pictures that’ll make you rub your eyes in misbelieve and also roll on the floor laughing. Check it out my dudes.
  • 13 May 2019
  • 27 358
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Images of creative tattoos to hide scars and transform them into stunning art. Sometimes scars can be beautiful with a little bit of color.
  • 9 May 2019
  • 14 485
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OOPS! Your new discovery channel is here fellas! Watch this gallery full of strange innovation. It defines that you always have an option no matter what!
  • 6 May 2019
  • 12 278
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Nowadays it seems that the crazy stuff is the normal ones. This gallery is full of insane activities that will kill your sleep instantly. Watch these crazy experiences.
  • 2 May 2019
  • 7 194
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These pictures are literally symbolizing beauty of human lives. What a beautiful gallery to define awesomeness of the world. Check out to have the best time of the day.
  • 29 Apr 2019
  • 9 440
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