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    Products That Show How to Make Free Energy With a Magnet Motor 07:38

    Products That Show How to Make Free Energy With a Magnet Motor

    by rashme (2/11/10) 3,228 views

    ►► http://Magnet4Power.Net - Products That Show How to Make Free Energy With a Magnet Motor - There are a lot of kits on the market that advertise to show you how to make free energy with a magnet motor. In physics, the law of conservation of energy tells us that energy can be neither created nor destroyed, only changed from one state to another. Here's a short look at magnet motors and the idea of free energy. A motor is a device that creates movement or action from some source of potential energy. It's a device that transforms energy. Magnetic motors are thought to create kinetic energy from the force of repulsion or attraction between the poles of magnets, with no external input. The repulsive and attractive forces that exist between the poles of separate magnets is somewhat analogous to spring. While kinetic energy may be produced when spring is released, it must first be compressed or stretched which requires in initial input of energy from an outside source. As the spring moves past equilibrium, the restoring force generated by the material, acts in the opposite direction thereby creating a net energy value of zero. The same is true of magnets. While two magnets may attract or repel, there must be a restoring force that replaces their position to the original starting point for them to once again generate a kinetic energy. Kits that promote free generation of energy generally rely on an alignment of the magnets in a way that is supposed to create a continual attraction or repulsion between poles. However, the effect of neighboring magnetic fields has still be shown to cancel and result in a zero sum energy production. Until a monopole is discovered that only attracts or repels, there will necessarily be a cancellation within the fields of magnets. An alternative method could be to utilize and existing force, such as gravity, against which the magnetic force could act. In this way the analogous spring could be continually reloaded. This then comes down to another question of alignment and friction within the given machine. Is it true? Does a motor built with magnets as its motive force act as an energy supply? Science generally says no, but there have been historical accounts of scientific notions going through upheaval. If a person is curious and interested in seeing how things work for themselves, try out one of the kits that show you how to make free energy with a magnet motor, and decide for yourself. Find out how you can make free energy. With the use of a magnet motor you will be able to supply your home with energy. Paying less on bills each month!

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    How to Reduce Energy Consumption - Make Your Own Permanent Magnetic Generator 03:25

    How to Reduce Energy Consumption - Make Your Own Permanent Magnetic Generator

    by rashme (2/10/10) 699 views

    ►► http://Magnet4Power.Net - How to Reduce Energy Consumption - Make Your Own Permanent Magnetic Generator - A Permanent Magnetic Generator is something that we can all use to reduce our energy costs and eventually power our homes for minimal costs compared to what we pay today. With the energy crisis deepening and the cost of fuel rising all the time it is becoming increasingly important that we begin to depend less and less on non-renewable energy sources. Although it sounds quite complicated a permanent magnetic generator can actually, with proper step by step instructions, be built by anybody for the small price of materials needed. These materials which can be sourced anywhere in the world are going to be the only costs incurred. Once you've built your permanent magnetic generator it will run indefinitely, stopping only for maintenance and the great thing is, it doesn't have any running costs. Once it's up and running it is completely self sustainable, it creates energy for your home without exhausting any resources. This system, once set up, could be an answer to the world's energy crisis, it's that groundbreaking and here are some reasons why: * It is 100% environmentally friendly as it is self sustaining and does not require fuel. * It is 100% free to run once you've set it up * It is small enough to be discreetly placed in your backyard * It requires very little maintenance once you've fine tuned it to meet your needs * It removes your dependence on, "the grid" as in your local power supply company. * It can be duplicated and built to suit it's needs. If companies or the government got on board it can be used on a much larger scale. If you would like to know how to build your own permanent magnetic generator or want to know more about how it can save you money on your bills you should check ou

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    Creating Electricity - Magnetic Electricity Generator 01:54

    Creating Electricity - Magnetic Electricity Generator

    by rashme (2/9/10) 24,464 views

    http://Magnet4Power.net - Creating Electricity - Magnetic Electricity Generator - The development of the magnetic electricity generator has always come under harsh criticism from top level corporate companies as the device is being perceived as a threat to industrial monopolization of power, transferring control of energy independence directly at the hands of the consumer. Many have also criticized the design claiming perpetual motion is impossible while in reality the term perpetual has only been used to establish a huge running time of the generator spanning upto hundreds of years. Such a device can not only revolutionize household electricity consumptions but also prove itself to be the most effective solution to tackle the current energy problems facing the world. The principles of machine design and operation is extremely simple which makes use of the simultaneous attraction and repulsion of magnetic forces to induce a separate magnetic forcefield inside the generator which can be converted to establish a large unlimited electric supply ranging up to 7000W. This is also coupled with the fact that a magnetic electricity generator can be assembled with simple tools found in local hardware stores and anyone can conveniently set up such a device in no time in the privacy of their own home. There is almost no maintenance required excepting minor adjustments to the coil from time to time and the energy supply obtained is environment friendly without any polluting byproducts during its generation. The principal magnets inside the magnetic electricity generator are used to create a force field inside the device that is then converted by the third magnet for energy generation. This continual self powered mechanism allows the machine to have an error free run time ranging up to hundreds of years. A standard magnetic electricity generator can also have equal use in both the home consumer and industrial circuit, allowing it to change the entire outlook of a source of alternative electricity generation and development in the worldwide prospect of the coming future. The device acts as a permanent, green and completely independent energy source helping you prevent those power surges and blackouts by completely isolating yourself from commercial electric supply. The device also eliminates all your electric bills so it can be used in a more productive cause. It is extremely inexpensive as compared to solar panels and a magnetic electricity generator could take care of all your electricity and energy worries forever. It is going to be the source of power for the future, go for it today! Now Pay Close Attention Here- Are you seriously looking for a proven way to save money on your electricity bills? You will be surprised to know that how easy it is to save money on electricity bills at Home by opting a renewable source of energy like Magnetic Energy, that will not only save your money but you will help in cleaning the environment. How i built a Magnetic Power Generator in a few hours at home? Click Here

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    Day Trading Profit Secrets - What is Forex and is It As Good As They Say 08:15

    Day Trading Profit Secrets - What is Forex and is It As Good As They Say

    by rashme (2/8/10) 117 views

    http://ForexAutopilotSystem.org - Day Trading Profit Secrets - What is Forex and is it As Good As They Say? - Forex FX or foreign exchange trading is extremely popular. There are many brokers and educators promoting it as almost a licence to print money, but can you really make money and is it safe. What is Forex Forex is a market in which currency of one country is traded for the currency of another. There is no physical exchange FX is known as an OTC -Over the counter-market. There is no 3rd party to report this exchange so there is no actual central exchange. However here are a set of agreed upon rules by which this trading occurs. It's actually quite complicated and the details are beyond the scope of this article and generally of little interest to most traders. Trading is discussed in pips rather than money units, because there a so many different currencies traded. Currencies are traded in pairs such as EURUSD. This is the Euro dollar paired against the American dollar Forex is often traded using live trading rooms where you the client are guided in your trades, or by using software which finds trades. Typically these systems cost $5000-$10,000 The advantages of Forex 1. You can trade from an online platform from your home or your laptop 2. You can trade in small amounts to begin with as you learn the ropes. E.g. your platform may default to a $100,000 trade but you can adjust it down to $10,000. 3. Forex is a leveraged instrument. While your contract may be $10,000 you only need to place a margin deposit of a few hundred dollars. This means you control the $10,000 or $100,000 or millions if you wish for a small percentage of the value of the contract. If you take a small contract of $10,000 and the pip value is $100 per pip, and the market moves in your favour by 100 pips then you make $1000. Remember your margin deposit was only $200, so your rate of return on your investment was 500%. And this may have happened in a few hours. Forex trades don't attract a commission, although if you ... (more)

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    How to Day Trade For Quick Wealth 05:41

    How to Day Trade For Quick Wealth

    by rashme (2/8/10) 86 views

    http://ForexAutopilotSystem.org - How to Day Trade For Quick Wealth - At certain times, individuals like to day trade for quick wealth using the Forex markets. Their success or failure depends on the kind of knowledge that they posses and the research work that they do. To create quick wealth through day trading it is important to understand the nature of your investment and risks associated with the same. Forex markets can come down hard on individuals who are careless in their approach. There is a need to take up day trading in the Forex markets only when you have gathered sufficient knowledge about the same. Following a balanced investment chart will help you in a big way while you undertake day trading activities. While trying to make quick wealth do not forget about your short or long term strategies. Many traders make this mistake and forget to create equivalent space for themselves. Quick wealth can sometimes become a necessity and day trading will allow you to achieve the same if you stick to your Forex trading plans. Try to open your Forex trading accounts with brokers of repute. It is important that you have necessary trust on these people and get the same in return. Do not perform day trading activities with brokers that do not have good reputation in the market. Going through reviews and taking suggestions from people who have used the services of these brokers will allow you to zero in on the brokerage firm best suited to your needs. While embarking upon day trading in the Forex markets make use of trading tools that allows you to track each of your transactions in the best possible manner. Quick wealth depends on the kind of savings that you do because every penny spent matters. There is a need to value your money and work with tools that can ensure minimum damage and maximum returns from the Forex markets. It would be beneficial if the system can support your expectations and inform you regarding the right moment to pull up your transaction from the market. Intelligent knowledge from these ...

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    Understanding the Plug and Play Day Trading System 04:42

    Understanding the Plug and Play Day Trading System

    by rashme (2/8/10) 91 views

    http://ForexAutopilotSystem.org - Understanding the Plug and Play Day Trading System - Electronic Day Trading System - Do You Have to Use Indicators in Trading? Folk attracted in Futures day trading system are those with no prior coaching or know-how in short-term trading and are sadly being sold a bill of goods. Futures trading is abruptly being known as the holy grail in late night infomercials, and show clips of testimonials from some fortunate folks who made some uncommon trades. Testimonials comprise of [*CO]'I made $800 this morning before going to work,' or'I cleared $3,000 my first week, part time.' These are all scrap. Most selling a day trading course. It is generally a software with arrows lighting up as green. When all four arrows become green, you then enter your position. Effortless, huh? The software ranges about $3,000. Announced infomercials request people to a free seminar bursting with joyful, eager people. When you go to the seminar, they make it seem that the software's price is just a little part of your would-be first month's revenue. Because of this, it feels like you are missing out if you do not join the day trading system purchasing group. While there's some merit to the 4 arrows all lighting green, which specifies that the price bent is all in a single track over one or two diverse time-frames, blindly following it is a horrible day trading system. You can't rightly call yourself a trader if this is your demeanour. You are merely a monkey pressing buttons. Consider it. If this programme could truly make money like they state ( nearly on autopilot ), no way will they sell it. I'm not indicating that day trading Futures can't be beaten. Contrary to that, I advantageously trade the EUR/USD intraday. You can too. What is needed is a basic trader coaching by way of technical research, an idea of a solid approach and an experience watching the markets to get a feel for them. I highly propose concentrating on one pair,eg the EUR/USD, since that is what I do. To find out what is ... (more)

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    Using Candlestick Charts For Day Trading 08:15

    Using Candlestick Charts For Day Trading

    by rashme (2/8/10) 489 views

    http://ForexAutopilotSystem.org - Using Candlestick Charts For Day Trading - If you are a day trader, your goal is to profit from market price fluctuations on a daily basis. Using candlestick charts for day trading is one way to stay on top of what is happening. You need every possible advantage to keep one step ahead of other traders. Intraday candlestick patterns provide a warning that something is happening right now. As high volume traders buy or sell, this affects the price and forms an observable candlestick pattern. When you start studying candlestick charts, rely on metrics you are most familiar and comfortable with at first (e.g. support, resistance, and pivot points). Simply use the candles as added confirmation for your decisions while you learn to understand their meanings. On the most basic level, you can calculate what the daily average was for any particular day and observe the prevailing trading bias. - A bullish candle is one that is white with the close higher than the opening - A bearish candle is one that is black and has the close lower than the opening Tools of the Trade To be a winner, you have to lead the crowd in the market - not follow it. This means you must know your charts well and understand what they mean. Prices on the market can change minute by minute. To stay abreast of these fluctuations, try using candlestick charts for day trading based on 15 minute intervals. Use even shorter intervals for periods of high volume of trading. Keep an eye on several different time intervals at once to get a better feel for what is happening. Monitor support, resistance, trends, volume, moving averages, stochastics or similar metrics, and chart patterns (including candlesticks) on a real time basis. Fortunately, you can overlap much of this data on one screen with today's sophisticated trading software. After Market & Pre-Market Activity If you spot a significant opportunity or critical candlestick pattern near the end of the day, you may have the option of 'after hours trading'. ..

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    Magnetic Power To Generate FREE Electricity To Power Home 02:32

    Magnetic Power To Generate FREE Electricity To Power Home

    by rashme (2/5/10) 3,088 views

    ►► http://Magnet4Power.Net - Build your own Magnet Power Home Energy Generator to help cut back on your electricity bill! Download step-by-step instructions at the website below! ►► http://Magnet4Power.Net - Magnetic Power To Generate FREE Electricity To Power Home Free Electricity Guide - Get Free Energy At Home - Home Energy ... 3 days ago - Free Electricity Guide - Get Free Energy At Home For Guide: ... A Zero point magnetic power generator is basically a Free Energy Generator. ... Generate Your Own Electricity Using Magnetic Power ... 6 days ago - Free Electricity Using Magnetic Electric Generator- Magniwork in Action Added to. .. Magnet Power Home Use - Using Magnet Power at Home ... • Does The Power Blueprint Free Electricity Generator Work - Or Is ... 2 days ago - Power Blueprint Review - Does This Magnetic Power Generator Work Or Is It Actually A Fraud? ... using magnetic power generators to generate free energy for their family. ... Do you want to build a DIY one to save electricity at home? ... • How to Generate Free Electricity With a Magnetic Perpetual Motion ... 3 days ago - Home Made Power Plant - Generate Your Own Power From Home! 03:11 • Free Electricity At Home Guide Revealed 8 hours ago - Free Electricity At Home Guide Revealed The Best Way To Get Free Electricity ... A Zero point magnetic power generator is basically a Free Energy Generator. ... • ZERO POINT Magnetic Power Generator - A Long Kept Secret For ... 1 hour ago - ZERO POINT Magnetic Power Generator - A Long Kept Secret For Generating FREE Electricity! Video on AOL Video - network, free, power, home, make, alternative ... • How to Build Electrical Magnetic Power Generator - FREE ENERGY FOR ... 1 day ago - How to Build Electrical Magnetic Power Generator - FREE ENERGY FOR HOME Video ... magnetic power generator for home and generate free lifetime electricity ... • Eco-friendly way to get free electricity 1 day ago - The best eco-friendly way to get free electricity no matter were you live! ... completely free electrical power, powering your home for free without having to ... Magnetic Power Generator: The Magnetic Generator is the latest kind of .... • Generate Free Electricity - Fact Or Fiction 1 hour ago - Follow the link, check out the Magnet Power Generator System and let me know what you think. ... • Solar Electricity As The Renewable Sourceof ... 12 hours ago - Solar power is one of the easiest alternative sourceof free energy, ... important to remember that simple solar panels can be build at home using cheap local ... The only advice when looking for a homemade solar panel guide is to get it ... Dissimilar to solar and wind electricity sources, magnetic power is a new ...

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    How To Make A Magnet Electric Generator 02:32

    How To Make A Magnet Electric Generator

    by rashme (2/5/10) 17,932 views

    ►► http://Magnet4Power.Net - How To Make A Magnet Electric Generator - build a magnetic energy generator Articles - Page 1 ... 2 days ago - By: Creztor Tessel - There are a few things that make magnetic generators the right choice for anyone who wants to create their own home electricity. ... www.articlesnatch.com/topic/build+a+magnetic+energy+generator - Cached # Magniwork Magnet Generator - Can You Build it and Will it Save You ... 2 days ago - Anderson, Royce E. "Magniwork Magnet Generator - Can You Build it and Will it Save You 50 Percent on Your Electric Bill?." Magniwork Magnet Generator - Can ... # Magnetic Generators Vs Solar Panels - Who Will Win? 7 hours ago - Recently started Internet Marketing to make some pennies on the side. ... Magnetic Power Generator - Can You Actually Produce Free Electricity With a ... # coleman electric generator magniwork magnetic energy Electric ... 8 hours ago - coleman electric generator magniwork magnetic energy. Posted by admin ... do it yourself diy make magnet magnets magnetic magnetized magniwork machine motor ... www.mcleangenerators.com/electric-generator/coleman-electric-generator-magniwork-magnetic-energy-3 # YouTube - Coleman electric generator MagPower magnetic energy ... 3 hours ago - Coleman electric generator MagPower magnetic energy explained ... installation household house how to make do it yourself discovered rules repair recovery ... www.youtube.com/watch?v=C7I_wxDnr-Q&feature=youtube_gdata # Does The Power Blueprint Free Electricity Generator Work - Or Is ... 2 days ago - You may be wondering what it costs to build a Magnetic Electricity Generator? The Electric Generator that I constructed using the plans cost just under $120 ... ../does-the-power-blueprint-free-electricity-generator-work-or-is-it-a-scam-power-blueprint-1812782.html - United States - Cached # Magnets 4 Energy - Build Your Own Magnetic Generator and Never Pay ... 4 days ago - Fact: Magnetic Generators that create 100% FREE Electricity have been used by the ... YOU make a zero point magnetically-powered generator that creates ... www.magnets4energy.com/?hop=nio513 - Cached # Free energy generator - Create Free electric energy - AOL Video 1 day ago - Free energy generator - Create Free electric energy Vidéo sur AOL Video -'►► http://Magnet4Power.Net - tutorial and testimony of building a magnetic free energy ... video.aol.fr/video-detail/free...generator...electric.../1236432541 - Cached # Improved Magnetic Vortex Electrical Generator Free Energy from a ... 13 hours ago - Free Energy from a Magnetic Power Generator: Too Good to Be True? ... I will show a new video of this device with a special copper disc attached to it which will hopefully create a lot more electricity. ... Theme by Theme by Make Quick. www.magneticpowergenerator.net/magnetic-generator/improved-magnetic-vortex-electrical-generator # How Can I Build A Magnet Motor - AOL Video 6 days ago - How Can I Build A Magnet Motor Video on AOL Video - www.magpower.us You can Build FREE ENERGY Generator and solve your electricity problem through magnetic ...

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    Why is a Magnet Generator Better Than a Wind Turbine? 04:08

    Why is a Magnet Generator Better Than a Wind Turbine?

    by rashme (2/5/10) 1,027 views

    ►► http://Magnet4Power.Net - Lets face it, wind turbines are quite amazing. They provide a constant source of renewable, green power using just the invisible force of the wind. Its little wonder that they are sprouting up in huge numbers all over the country. However, they are not without their problems. For a start they tend to be large, and I mean not just big but monstrously huge! They are costly to build and maintain and, of course, their biggest limitation is that they need to be in places where you get a lot of wind to make them operate. This is why they are often situated in remote locations like mountain ranges or offshore along the coast. Unfortunately this makes them expensive to set up and difficult to access, as well as costing vast sums of cash to hook into the mains supply. Even the small domestic ones need to be situated in an exposed place and can only run when the wind blows enough to turn their blades. Another source of complaint is that they are noisy. If you have ever stood next to one when its turning at full tilt you will know what I mean. Imagine, then, a device that is silent, cheap to build, produces no omissions, can run 24/7 and is small enough to fit anywhere in your house, yet still produce enough electricity to cover a large part of the average households requirements. Well, such a device actually exists and its getting more popular by the day. Welcome to the magnet generator. This amazing machine was first pioneered about 10 years ago in Australia but as the technology has been refined it has gradually become more and more popular all over the world. A magnet generator uses magnets to produce electricity. The magnets are basically used to turn a flywheel which turns a small generator to produce electricity. In fact they work in a very similar way to a wind turbine except they don't need the wind to operate. Your average magnet generator can be small enough to run in a cupboard under the stairs, and it produces no emissions and is almost totally silent. The best thing about them, though, is that they are very easy and cheap to build. Almost anyone with basic DIY skills can make one in just a few days and the materials cost only a few hundred dollars. You don't need to fix them to the top of your house and once they are built and installed you can practically forget about them as they require almost zero maintenance. With the rising cost of energy, isn't it time that you ditched those expensive and difficult to build wind turbine plans in favor of a clean, cheap and very reliable magnetic generator. You know it makes perfect sense. If you would like to know more about the amazing magnet generator then head on over to my specialist review website where I explain not only how to build your very own magnet generator but I also explain how to get the best out of it.

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