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    How to Install Ans ESC to a Brushless Motor

    How to Install Ans ESC to a Brushless Motor

    by rcplanesinfo (4/15/09) 755 views

    So this is the last video i plan to upload, since i uploaded the best three videos i have so far. I have the whole stuff in my web site: www.rcplanesinfo.info but i think this are the best three videos. Any way I hope that's of any hope and helop you reduce the ammount of mistakes. Enjoy.

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    The Yak 55 - Assembling 06:36

    The Yak 55 - Assembling

    by rcplanesinfo (4/15/09) 623 views

    I chose the yak 55 because it made sense and, i believe that i had to use an arf kit before going on to buyin and cutting the epp foam and all that. When i got into rc planes i had no idea and no where to get guided; well now i just document everything for someone else. I have not realized how many people watch metacafe -including me, but i did the effort of adding subtitle to the video so that more people can take advantage - if any - of watching it.

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    Remote Controlled Plane Crash -yak 55 01:17

    Remote Controlled Plane Crash -yak 55

    by rcplanesinfo (4/15/09) 773 views

    This is where lots of effort were in 3 secs,but its fine an fixed ready for another one. I have the full documentation @ rcplanesinfo.info. I had only about 3 yards to fly, and was really windy, so i wanted to start in hover, but.... i freaked out......