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    Mobile HOME Titles 07:31

    Mobile HOME Titles

    by realestatecash (10/12/11) 9 views

    In this video you will learn the importance of Mobile Home Titles when investing in mobile homes. Taken from the Real Estate Cash Flow Formula.

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    Stop Throwing Your Money Away While Real Estate Investing 09:46

    Stop Throwing Your Money Away While Real Estate Investing

    by realestatecash (9/14/11) 10 views

    In this video I answer viewer David's question, "How to Keep from throwing my Money Away while investing? David is new to the mobile home investing world and wants to know how NOT to waste his money. In this video I also give actionable steps to begin building your business from the ground up. More information can be found on our website Realestatecashflowformula

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    Live Calls To Real Estate Sellers 09:02

    Live Calls To Real Estate Sellers

    by realestatecash (9/13/11) 6 views

    In this video we show multiple examples of how easy it is for a trained investor to call and schedule appointments with qualified sellers using the Real Estate Cash Flow Formula phone tutorial. Every word said is for a specific purpose of lowing the perceived value of the home while increasing your worth as a serious buyer. See if you can identify all 15 steps of these screening calls. 1st call: Set an Appointment 2nd call: Set Appointment with Husband later 3rd call: Language Barrier ($3,500 cash) 4th call: Accidentally called an Investor made good contact to find buyers in my area. **To watch this full video sign up at RealEstateCashFlowFormula dot com **Disclaimer all these amazing deals were mobile homes in parks that will cash flow for us day 1.

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