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    TACFIT Commando Review 15:15

    TACFIT Commando Review

    by realworldstrength (2/28/12) 27 views

    Full product review and 51% discount at: This TACFIT Commando review video is a succinct look at all the major considerations before purchasing Scott Sonnon's TACFIT Commando bodyweight training program. If you're still not sure about whether TACFIT Commando is right for you, please visit my review site - where I've published many of the Q+A's that I've answered over the last few years and also have the internet's most comprehensive product review that is based on first-hand experience. Full product review URL is here:

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    Natural Movement Strength Training Session 03:34

    Natural Movement Strength Training Session

    by realworldstrength (6/25/09) 612 views

    This video's blogpost: This is an instructional video about a natural movement outdoor strength training session that was inspired by Erwan Le Corre's MovNat (natural movement training method). This is NOT MovNat, and does not represent Mr. Le Corre's work. Try out this natural movement session, or something similar to it to get back to your roots of natural human movement. For more information about natural movement training, visit my site:

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    How to Move on All Fours: Basic Crawling Fundamentals 03:14

    How to Move on All Fours: Basic Crawling Fundamentals

    by realworldstrength (6/24/09) 346 views

    This video blogpost is here: Moving on all fours should come naturally to humans. Personal trainers and strength coaches tend to label it as an animal exercise or animal movement, when in reality, it's just natural human movement. Humans learn to crawl even before they learn to walk, and children are adept at moving on all fours in a variety of ways. We tend to lose this natural ability as we grow older and don't practice or play on all fours anymore. The truth is that moving on all fours is our birthright, and we are completely entitled to being able to master this physical skill even throughout adulthood. This tutorial will teach you how to start. For more strength training and fitness tips, visit my site:

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    How to Help Your Dog Be Healthy and Happy With Real Food 05:21

    How to Help Your Dog Be Healthy and Happy With Real Food

    by realworldstrength (4/15/09) 206 views Learn what fitness coach, John Sifferman, feeds his dog to keep him growing healthy, happy, strong, and to keep him intelligent and alert. Traditional dog kibble is not as healthy as we once thought, and is a major contributor to the many health problems facing our animals today (just like industrialized food for people, too, eh?). If you want to feed your dog the best, then check out this quick and simple recipe that can be prepared in 30 minutes or less (for a week's supply of food), and doesn't cost much more than premium kibble. Ronin is an 8 month old purebred Akita (long coat).

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    How To Make Eggs 05:13

    How To Make Eggs

    by realworldstrength (4/14/09) 351 views I've had to find new and tasty ways to prepare eggs since plain old eggs get gross after awhile. The secret to enjoying eggs frequently is to learn how to make eggs in new ways. Watch me make the Mother of All Omelette's in this video.

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    Bodyweight Training for Leg Strength 05:10

    Bodyweight Training for Leg Strength

    by realworldstrength (4/13/09) 722 views Bodyweight training is one of best ways to build up functional leg strength. Exercises are: squats, reverse, forward, forward/reverse, lateral, and plie lunges, dragon twisting, jump squats, plyometric lunges, and pistols.

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    How to Climb a Tree 03:58

    How to Climb a Tree

    by realworldstrength (4/9/09) 3,238 views This video will offer you some tips for how to climb a tree and incentive for why tree climbing is so good for you. Learn how to climb a tree and other primal activities by visiting my blog.

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    Opposite Clubbell Mills

    Opposite Clubbell Mills

    by realworldstrength (3/16/09) 296 views 15 lb clubbell exercises are clubbell mill, shoulder cast, reverse mill, shoulder cast. Follow my training journal at

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