Shira spends time with a working mom in an attempt to get tips on how to balance her own life.
  • 27 Jul 2009
  • 233
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Ladae learns a quick & easy meal and discusses the importance of food in a woman's life.
  • 28 Jul 2009
  • 218
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Christine shops for a bridesmaid dress and discusses her resentment for the bride.
  • 21 Jul 2009
  • 599
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Episode 10 - Anna gets a little competitive in a yoga class. It's all fun and games until someone gets all twisted up in the game http://www.awomansworld.com/ "Only in a Woman's World", brought to you by Flat Earth - Healthy Snacks, Healthy Living.
  • 8 Jul 2009
  • 381
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Watch Sam and her boyfriend talk to a therapist and the women review what they learned.
  • 2 Jul 2009
  • 108
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Christine and the women give their tips on how to find the best without paying full price.
  • 2 Jul 2009
  • 196
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Ladae goes on an internet date for the first time and the women examine the rules of modern-day dating. Watch all the episodes at www.tablefor4series.com
  • 20 Jun 2009
  • 67
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Sam visits the spa for much-deserved relaxation and teaches the women some at-home treatments.
  • 20 Jun 2009
  • 535
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At the gym, Maya tries to motivate and inspire herself in order to fit into a dress.
  • 18 Jun 2009
  • 439
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Episode 8 - What's wrong with enjoying a slice of pie? Maya finds that it's hard to win when you're your own worst enemy. http://www.awomansworld.com "Only in a Woman's World", brought to you by Sunchips 100 Calorie Packs - Healthy Snacks, Healthy Living.
  • 2 Jun 2009
  • 353
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Anna has a dream about making important life choices. Can she have it all? Watch more at www.awomansworld.com
  • 4 May 2009
  • 407
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Cheryl has the dreaded hot flash at a cosmetic store.  Watch more at www.awomansworld.com
  • 27 Mar 2009
  • 619
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Promotions, high-profile accounts on the rocks, an office romance. Anything is possible. Why would we give it all away when you can find out everything here? Is our beloved Tanya going to make it? Watch this ending with an unexpected twist.
  • 28 Mar 2009
  • 870
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Drama in the workplace never seems to end: promotions, high-profile accounts on the line, an office romance, and a chance to go to Fashion Week. It’s Tanya vs. Kerstin, so who’s got what it takes?
  • 18 Mar 2009
  • 991
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Tanya is quick on her feet in a stressful situation. Is it enough to land a promotion? Or better yet, keep an account? Find out here.
  • 2 Mar 2009
  • 203
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An account that’s on the rocks, backstabbing colleagues, upcoming promotions. Fashion is a tough business and competition is the name of the game. Is Tanya, our new favorite heroine, going to make it or not? Check back to see if she has what it takes.
  • 6 Mar 2009
  • 1 600
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Tanya, our smart, creative heroine survived her first day in the fashion industry. Now it’s time to really prove herself. She’s quickly learning friend vs. foe, but can she keep her composure, in and outside the work place?
  • 18 Feb 2009
  • 106
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