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This is the set up for an oil drilling rig in a drilling area in Illinois. Once the location is finalized for drilling, the employees move to prepare the land. It must be made smooth and approach roads built. Several holes are made to make passage for the rig. Another main hole drilled is the oil drilling hole. When drilling the holes are finished, machineries are brought and set up. From the initial hole, the crews drill a surface hole below to a pre set depth. Once the drilling reaches the pre set depth, the next work is to cement the casing. In this video they are adding water for mixing cement for the oil well once it is drilled. The drilling is completed in several steps. The job of drilling and cement casing continues till reaching the final depth. Once the drilling is over, the workers remove the drilling equipments and start confirming the presence of oil by conducting several tests. We are working 24 hours on three shift basis with several qualified and experienced oil well employees. This oil well news has been updated for the day and progress is going well. Oil investments are great opportunities for making money within a short period. We are seeking partners for investing in these profitable oil wells.Call, e mail or visit *******investments-and-acquisitions**** for further details.
  • 26 Sep 2010
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