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    MAKE ART!!!

    MAKE ART!!!

    by retoddedmovies (10/13/13) 4 views

    I went on a trip to Eastern Europe and was inspired by alot of old soviet propaganda i found at flea markets. so get off the couch and MAKE ART!

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    Bounce Back

    Bounce Back

    by retoddedmovies (1/31/13) 3 views

    In the arts you get knocked down a lot. People criticize your work at an incredibly harsh level, Jealous people root for your downfall and success in such a competitive field some times feels impossible. I hope this video inspires you to bounce back from your failures, keep on your grind and make your dreams come true. beat by Ronve

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    Todd Rocheford Demo Reel 2012 Fall 01:15

    Todd Rocheford Demo Reel 2012 Fall

    by retoddedmovies (9/15/12) 2 views

    I am a multi-medium videographer, editor and animator specializing in stop-motion animation, green screen compositing and DSLR Cinematography. Some of past projects have included music videos, spec commercials, animated educational videos, science documentaries, industrials, viral videos and marketing content for the web and other applications. I enjoy being hands-on with my projects, so I tend to do a lot of my own storyboarding and copywriting too. My ultimate goal is to create cutting- edge music videos for dedicated, professional musicians. So if you’re a serious music artist who is looking to push the creative limits, get in touch with me.

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    "Southern Man" - The Gold Magnolias

    by retoddedmovies (5/24/12) 3 views

    The official music video for "Southern Man" By the The Gold Magnolias Directed by Todd Rocheford. Buy on Itunes 'Like' us on facebook and be sure to check us out are up coming shows at

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    Todd Rocheford Demo Reel 2012 May 01:48

    Todd Rocheford Demo Reel 2012 May

    by retoddedmovies (5/24/12) 2 views

    This is my Current Demo reel, freatureing work from music videos, commercials, poptent contests and other artistic endeavors. I shoot, edit and do all of the motion graphics. Http:// Music: Rumors "Slow Down"

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    Ronvé - Workin 03:45

    Ronvé - Workin

    by retoddedmovies (3/13/12) 6 views

    The music video for Ronvé - Workin shot, edited and directed by Todd Rocheford. download HE SPEAKS SO WELL today at #SUPPORTGOODMUSIC THANKS SO MUCH! Sal Chávez – Driver, Cigar Genius & Skateboard Dolly Jockey Sallyann Turnbull – Clip Clipper Darrell A. Baxter – Hype man Alicia Adame – Moral Support Bhrikuti Sharma – Salsa Dancing Queen Kristina Wilson & Katie Rocheford – Craft Services

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    Therapy - 04:50

    Therapy - "Metrotronic" - Music Video

    by retoddedmovies (1/20/12) 10 views

    Therapy - "Metrotronic" Directed by Todd Rocheford all shots and effects by Todd Rocheford Filmed in NYC on a mixture of vintage lens. I wanted to convey the feeling of living in NYC and staying awake for days while drifting in and out of consciousness.

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    Ronvé - I Do This 04:07

    Ronvé - I Do This

    by retoddedmovies (1/4/12) 5 views

    the music video for Ronvé - I Do this shot, edited and directed by Todd Rocheford. download HE SPEAKS SO WELL today at #SUPPORTGOODMUSIC

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