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    I Am STAZI Dir Markus Wolf's Bio-engineered Son 07:01

    I Am STAZI Dir Markus Wolf's Bio-engineered Son

    by rickahyatt (6/4/09) 166 views

    Markus Wolf bio-engineered my life with the advise of SS NAZI Dr. Aribert "Death" Heim, in order to create a "Manchurian Candidate" operative designed to communize inheritance rights at this Obamamania timing. I was used to lure Wolf out of the East ... Distributed by Tubemogul.

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    Barack Obama is a Commie Spy Counter-run by the CIA Since 197... 05:01

    Barack Obama is a Commie Spy Counter-run by the CIA Since 197...

    by rickahyatt (4/6/09) 235 views

    As a life-long espionage operative, at one time actually also unknowingly an Agent for the Commies, I was long ago "Turned," as used to lure out their agents, moles & assassins. I was ordered to remember how the Enemy went by the phrase, "To teach them well, train them young." Then I was ordered, in 1977, to remember, repress, & independently broadcast just how far back Gary Condit's "Training" went, as well as some Indonesian Connection I would remember as being groomed by the Commies for this eventual Coup D'Edat of the Presidency with this election. How to lure out all the moles? "Just fly a Barry Soetono from the Flagpole & see who salutes" is the good news revelation for the American People as SCOTUS will rule soon on his constitutional ineligibility to be Pres, or even sign any laws nor treaties. A ROYAL SURPRISE TO COME FOR THE CHICOMS! Go to www.rickhyatt.freeservers.com for more PROOF! Distributed by Tubemogul.

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    Gary Condit - 07:37

    Gary Condit - "The Young Man with the Rifle Case on the Grassy Knoll" at the JFK Assassinatin ...

    by rickahyatt (11/17/08) 234 views

    I was told to keep this and many other secrets by CIA Dir. GHW Bush in '77 and go to ground. Yes, Condit the professional assassin started at a VERY early age, and more is described at my website, http://www.rickhyatt.freeservers.com Read my lips as I tell you who the second shooter was, and why this has been covered-up all these years, until after these elections. Why he's been allowed to continue his "Disposal" Svcs. for the high-ranking corrupt. Why it's important for the American People to know this NOW. Distributed by Tubemogul.

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    The 2008 Election Oktober Surprise 06:23

    The 2008 Election Oktober Surprise

    by rickahyatt (11/2/08) 142 views

    2008 Election October Surprise revealed! This will result in the most massive voter turnout in American History, but NOT the way Obama thinks it will. This scandal exposes Gary Condit's "Disposal Service" for the high-ranking corrupt in Washington, DC, and explains HOW LONG IT'S BEEN GOING ON! Where he got his "Training." Other victims and unsolved cases named. Webpage: http://www.rickhyatt.freeservers.com Distributed by Tubemogul.

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    Deborah Palfrey, Brandy Britton, Gary Condit, and These Upcoming 05:35

    Deborah Palfrey, Brandy Britton, Gary Condit, and These Upcoming

    by rickahyatt (10/21/08) 182 views

    The connections between DC Madam Deborah Jeanne Palfrey's Brandy Britton's Chandra Levy's and other's deaths with the common element being the professional assassin and infiltrators, the Gary Condits. Their trainers in such MO being Dr. "Death" Aribert Heim of SS Concentration Camp Mauthausen fame. Distributed by Tubemogul.

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    Dr. 04:10

    Dr. "Death" Aribert Heim and Serial Killer Gary Condit

    by rickahyatt (6/7/08) 1,315 views

    Photos on my website that conclusively link the CIA's protection of not only Dr. "Death" Aribert Heim, but such other yet-outstanding and active serial killers for hire as Gary Condit. The true exposure of what I present will result in the greatest voter turnout in US history this time, and return the power back to the American People. The website portrays other themes, photos, documentations, and proof.