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    Ladder Safety - Ladder Spurs 03:27

    Ladder Safety - Ladder Spurs

    by ricsale (11/10/08) 1,504 views

    Ladder Safety - Ladder Spurs from Easi-Dec http://www.easi-dec.co.uk/products/ladder-accessories.php Over 1/3 of the reported fall-from-height incidents in the UK involve ladders or stepladders. On average this results in over 1200 major injuries to workers each year. Many of these injuries result from inappropriate or incorrect use of equipment. Easi-Dec have designed Ladder-Spurs to improve ladder safety and address the problems of slip and lateral stability that are inherent in the use of ladders, particularly on uneven or unstable ground. But whatever the conditions, it makes sense to support ladders as securely as possible.