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    Get Free Tv 3000 Channels Online 01:09

    Get Free Tv 3000 Channels Online

    by rinoldi (11/5/07) 5,861 views

    This is a free service that offers 3000 channels of live, streaming TV. This program requires no installation, and is completely free - The channels are seperated by country, with over 140 countries to choose from.

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    Get Free Software! 01:10

    Get Free Software!

    by rinoldi (10/20/07) 23,619 views

    From games to apps, from videos to utilities: All the software you may need totally FREE at http://www.rinoldix.com This video explains, step by step, how to download free software, easily and totally free, directly from my site. Actual downloads! Safe for everyone and absolutely no porn images. Also, an easy way to download videos from YOUTUBE! Just go to http://www.rinoldix.com

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    All Free Software Download 01:12

    All Free Software Download

    by rinoldi (10/17/07) 18,851 views

    Download all of the free software you wish at Rinoldix.com...games, video editing software, utilities and more. Also, download Youtube videos, movies, sports...whatever you want. Rinoldix.com has got what youre looking for, easy to find, understand and download!

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    Download Youtube Videos At Rinoldi's Corner 01:10

    Download Youtube Videos At Rinoldi's Corner

    by rinoldi (10/12/07) 5,848 views

    There are now several YouTube downloaders out there but Rinoldi's YouTube Downloader at rinoldix.com is one of the simplest and most user friendly. Best of all, you can download several videos at the same time so there's no hanging around. It works via a simple navigator which directly opens the YouTube homepage where you start your video search. Next, you enter the reference number of the video you want to download in a box and simply click "download". The big advantage of Rinoldi's YouTube Downloader is the possibility to simultaneously download multiple videos within just one window. Music: StefSax, Awel