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Mista Ballista is a modern adaptation of a 4,500 year old Greek war machine. Resembling a giant crossbow, the arms of the bow are 30 feet (10 m) tip to tip. With a winch, the bowstring is pulled back 20 feet (6m) with a strength of 3.5 tons. A hydraulic system raises the machine to best firing angle, and the ammo is loosed. In 60X time lapse, you will see it transformed from 4 tons of steel, folded flat, packed for travel on its integral trailer, to in battery, ready to fire. Then, in real time, see it take out a wall of pallets at 80 yds (75m). with a single 17lb (8kg) stone. The machine was built from 99.98% (by weight) post consumer recycled materials (aka: scrap steel), fired, and rebuilt by Team Tormentum. It can be seen in action, live at the annual world champion "Punkin Chunkin" event, held in the US state of Deleware. Background music is a concert recording of a 17th century battle piece "L'homme Arme" (the armed man), arranged for consort of viols and lute, and performed by the Boston based El Dorado Ensemble - Its full of martial calls, battle noises, and assorted heroics.
  • 8 Oct 2007
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Time lapse video of the building of a large Trebuchet. The machine was built for the band "dirty on purpose"'s latest rock video, "Car No Driver" The machine was designed and built by Jeff Del Papa, founder of the engineering competition team "The New England Rubbish Deconstruction Society; The NERDS", with the assistance of B&M Fabrication of Gilbertsville PA. Built from steel, it weighs over 2.5 tons. (counterweight represented 1.5 tons of the total). The frame is 20 feet tall, the arm tip is another 18 feet at its highest point. This was filmed at a rate of one frame every 4 seconds (two minutes of real time for every second of video). Contact me if you would like a similar prop build for your organization, or my team building exercises based on "Junkyard Wars"
  • 15 Mar 2007
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Ever wonder how those whacko's got onto that reality show? Despite having succeeded at the game, we don't know either. But for the curious, here is the tape that worked for us. We were the first Americans to appear on the engineering competition Junkyard Wars (Scrapheap Challenge to the rest of the world). This is the deluxe version of what we sent them. Ever wonder how a sewing machine works? See a larger than life model constructed, and the operation demonstrated using adult humans as the working parts. (aka stupid human tricks) Nerds speak - Have a Nerd speak at your next event. Or host your own Junkyard Wars style competition - Makes a great team building exercise. See *******www.the-nerds****/lecture.html
  • 13 Mar 2007
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WMD - Weapons of Musical Destruction. A modern trebuchet flinging an upright piano. Built in two days, for the band "Dirty on Purpose". Designed, built and fired by Jeff Del Papa, founder of the Junkyard Wars/ Scrapheap Challenge team The NERDS. Check the link for lectures and team building exercises led by the builder.
  • 9 Mar 2007
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